Our Engagement Fiesta

Our Engagement party was on Saturday and it was a great way to cheer us up some after the news from Friday. The party started at 2pm, and we had our rehearsal dinner tasting around 11am which meant our minds were focused on other things and we were forced to be happy in between the sadness of finding out the news about our dear friend.

Before I get into the party deets, here is a mini update on Wedding Progress so far:

  • I had to reschedule Bridesmaid dress shopping since we will be saying goodbye to our amazing friend this weekend. Please continue to keep us and his family in your prayers.
  • We have the photo shoot for our Save-The-Dates schedule or October 18th, so hope for nice weather!
  • I think I forgot to mention that we asked my little brother to be our Ring Bearer. Thinking of a way to ask him was actually really difficult. In the end we bought two wrestling action figures and I put a small banner in between them that said “be our ring bearer?”, he said yes :)
  • We also asked my dear friend, Lauren, to be our Program Attendant. We aren’t going to have ushers, so Lauren will be greeting everyone, telling them they may sit anywhere, and handing out our programs. Thanks, Lauren!
  • Dave met with the venue on Friday and took pictures of everything so we can start planning out every detail. I am so excited to be actually planning for an actual place at this point!
  • My parents and Dave also met with the caterer on friday evening while I was in a car for 12 hours driving from Chicago. They all agreed that the food was amazing, and we have decided to go with a buffet vs family style dining.

So now the exciting part…the Engagement Party! Our Bridesmaid, Kaity did a wonderful job planning and hosting our party. Everything was covered in Fiesta decorations, bright colors and margaritas, there was also a sombrero full of Guacamole, so that was awesome. The weather was also incredibly perfect, 81 on a late September day? I’ll take it!

We spent the day with our friends and family celebrating what is yet to come for Dave and I and it was great to have some of the wedding party get to know each other. We were also able to start talking about future parties before our wedding. The best way to show you all of the fun moments is through pictures so without further ado, here’s to many more celebrations, days with friends, DIY dates and a wedding that is just 263 days away!

IMG_4133 IMG_4141 IMG_4123 IMG_4117 IMG_4099 IMG_4086 IMG_4296 IMG_4291 IMG_4274 IMG_4269 IMG_4199 IMG_4180 IMG_4173 IMG_4158 IMG_4131 IMG_4115 IMG_4114 IMG_4112 IMG_4093 IMG_4092 IMG_4091 IMG_4090 IMG_4087 IMG_4081 IMG_4080 IMG_4079 IMG_4078


About A Necklace…

I have never been much of a “jewelry person”. I’ve always been about the simple necklace that I can put on and hardly ever take off, until lately. The whole statement necklace thing has really caught my eye, and I am slowly switching things up a bit. The only problem with this is I never know which necklace to pair with what, or which colors I should purchase.

This is where Stella & Dot comes in (and no, I was not compensated for this post, or even told you post about it, I just really love their products!). I had a Margarita Monday girls night last week and had a friend of mine that sells Stella & Dot bring her goodies over so we could all get paired with amazing jewelry, have some girl time, and sip on some great drinks.

Since I can’t do any of that with all of you :( I thought I would at least share a quick story about Stella & Dot. The reason I love them so much is because of the story behind their company. The CEO started a few wedding websites, and then decided she wanted to do something that could benefit different types of women. She wanted to help people have financial freedom, while managing children’s activity schedules, spending time with their significant others, making meals, etc. She has done that and more!

Something else that inspires me is the work Stella & Dot does for Breast Cancer. They have an adorable elephant bracelet out right now and all proceeds go towards Susan G. Komen. I am truely inspired by this story, and I hope you are as well! What an amazing vision and successful thing to do! Now if I can follow in her footsteps and make my career dreams come true!

If you are interested in Stella & Dot, let me know! I’m not a representative for them, but I know a great person that is (she also doesn’t even know I am writing this). It really is an amazing company, and they have beautiful products! They also have the cutest engraveable’s, I can’t wait to have one with my wedding date on it.


Hopes & Plans

Of course I can’t sleep tonight, so I figured I would do the link-up today after all. It’s been a long day, but I love keeping track of my weekly progress, so here I am.

Last week-

1) Hang New Pictures- I had some of our engagement photos printed and I can’t wait to hang them! We have a gallery wall in the living room, so I would love to add a few more this week. I also want to add some more of Dave and his family now that it’s our house and not just mine. This still needs to be done :(

2) Post 1st Jamaica Recap- I have several ideas of posts after our vacation, it was so inspiring. I want to start with a general recap of our trip, then about what to do and not do, what you need to pack, and a review of the resort (we LOVED it!!). Can;t believe I haven’t gotten to this yet!

3) Schedule a Dentist Appt.- I got new insurance several months ago and my old dentist is not included, so I need to find a new one and make an appointment. I keep putting this off because I don’t exactly love the dentist. Nope :( I need more than 7 days in a week!

4) Workout Everyday I am Away- I am heading to Chicago for a work trip on Wednesday and I won’t be home until very late Friday evening. I need to make sure I work out everyday that I am away so I can stay awake and alert during the conference. I am also going to try and eat healthy, but last time I was in Chicago I had the most amazing dessert dumplings and I think I need a few more. Maybe I will run to get them and then run back?   Boom!The hotel gym was 24 hours so I was able to get a workout in everyday I was there.

5) Find Shoes For Our Engagement Party- YAY! Our friends are throwing us an engagement party this weekend and I would love new shoes to go with my dress. I know exactly what I want, but I’m not having any luck finding them. I may have to go with ones I already own, although I would love to find the ones I have been thinking about! I was able to wear shoes I already owned, but I did find shoes for our reception! The ones I wanted had been discontinued, but guess who found them in Nordstrom Rack in Chicago..boom…this girl!

hopes & Plans

This Week-

Since I wasn’t able to get 3 things done that I wanted to last week, I am bringing them back this week.

1) Hang New Pictures- It will get done this week! I just need to find the stuff to hang them with.

2) Post 1st Jamaica Recap- I have no idea how I haven’t done this yet…but it’s coming!

3) Schedule a Dentist Appt.- This really needs to happen. I just need a reminder!

4) Get Things Ready For Saturday- Almost all of my Bridesmaids will be in town this weekend for dress shopping! I have something for them, I just need to make sure they all get finished in time!

5) Decide on my Halloween Costume- There are so many options, I need to pick which two I want to be, get everything to make them and sit down and do it!



Not The Weekend To Be In Chicago…

I am going to do my normal Hopes & Plans post tomorrow, so I am able to share the madness that was my weekend. Last week I spent a few days in Chicago for a conference, and everything was set for me to arrive home Friday evening in time for our party on Saturday. Then around 8 am someone asked me how I was getting home with all of the cancelations…whattt.

I’m sure most of you heard that the Chicago airports were shut down on Friday into Saturday because of a fire at the control tower. Well this threw the city into chaos, or at least the people planning on leaving that day. The craziest part of this was that the fire happened around 6am, and Southwest didn’t email me until almost 11am to inform me of a cancelled flight. Luckily, I had already booked a car because we were preparing to drive 12 hours home.

I was already set into a mild panic attack because of the thought of possibly missing my own engagement party, and then my mom called with terrible news about my Grandfathers best friend. This man has been in my life since I was born, he was just like a grandfather to me, and I have countless memories with him. I was heartbroken, nervous and sad that I could not be with my family right away.

We set out to start driving, and ended up back in Baltimore around 2am Saturday morning. Luckily, our party was a blast and I can’t wait to tell you all more about it. We went to visit our friend in the hospital Sunday morning, and I am so happy we did. He passed away during the night, and the next few days are going to be a whirlwind. I am so thankful for the time I have had with him, and I know he will now be able to see my Uncle John again in Heaven.

If you pray, please pray for us during this difficult time, if you believe in sending good vibes, or other things like that, please do that as well.


Getting Fit with Victorias Secret!

I have been traveling several times a month for work, and I haven’t been able to 100% stick with my workout program. Luckily, most hotels have a gym and I occasionally have some extra time to squeeze in some fitness. But I will get to this more in another post! The biggest problem I have is remembering to pack for working out, somehow this seems to always slip my mind. Until I got some stylish and comfortable fitness outfits!

Besides forgetting my workout attire, I have been having difficulty finding a sports bra that actually does the job. I am an in-between size, and almost all of the sports bras I find are too loose in the band, or don’t actually hold the girls in place. It also doesn’t help that they aren’t very cute. It was clearly the time for a#SportBraBreakup. When I find out I would have the opportunity to try out a new product from the VSX line at Vctorias Secret, I was super excited!

I own several yoga leggings and pants from the VSX line, and I love them. Other than bringing these outfits on vacation with me, I like to be able to run errands, go to the gym, go to the Drs. etc, all in my workout clothes. I don’t like carrying gym bags, and I don’t understand how people are comfortable in practically a bikini, or sweat pants, or jeans while working out. I need my clothes to move with me, not against me, and the VSX line does just that.

Comfort, style and motivation to workout are the biggest things I need from workout clothes. I need them to be comfortable so I am not pulling and playing with them the entire time. I need them to be stylish so I am able to wear them everywhere and not feel bad about it. I want them to be motivating so I think to myself “YES! I want to wear that today” then I will have to workout as well.

After receiving the INCREDIBLE by Victorias Secret, I immediately knew that I had a new favorite sports bra. It was very comfortable, fit perfect and was the cutest pattern! I have already bought another one, and plan on buying the zip up version next time I am shopping. I was surprised how well it fit and kept everything in place during fast cardio workouts and PiYo.

IMG_0149.JPGIMG_0154.JPGThis is a sponsored blog post. Influenster provided me with complimentary Victoria’s Secret products to test and review as part of a contest.







40 Days of Dating

Working in a technology field has changed a lot of things for me, one of them is the presence of internet happenings. I have always been between above a tech newbie but have never had as much knowledge as say, the Geek Squad. When I first started my job 3 years ago I had a lot to learn, and it didn’t take very long. Although, I learn new things everyday, and still don’t know all the things my macbook can do. One of the biggest changes in the last 3 years is the knowledge of others.

I have known about blogs, social media, email, etc. but I never really thought about people using the internet to tell a cool story, or complete a project. Last year a few people in the office started talking about something called 40 Days of Dating during a brainstorming meeting. This website was catching the eye of thousands, and it became a huge part of our lives…for 40 short days.

If you have not heard about 40 Days of Dating, I strongly suggest you read it. It is about a guy and a girl in the graphic design field that spend 40 days dating each other, although they think it will never work out. Day by day each of them post about how they feel, what they did, if anything happened, etc. The story is completely captivating. Following along while they dated was nerve-wracking, emotional, exciting and bittersweet.

There are rumors of a movie being made about this couple, and I would love to see it happen! I just hope they are able to keep the raw emotions behind each entry, and convey the meaning of the entire project.

I strongly encourage you to follow along day by day, don’t spoil the ending, and be prepared to lose yourself in the lives of Jessica and Timothy.

Have you read 40 Days of Dating?


Wedding Wednesday {Good News is Great News}


I have been dying to post about this, but I was able to hold off until good ol’ Wedding Wednesday! First of all, thank you for all of the kind words when I posted about my stresses two weeks ago. It is so nice to know other people are out there helping to support you through difficult times while planning a wedding, or otherwise. Today, I have some wonderful news…


As most of you know this has been a huge speed bump since our engagement, we both knew 100% when and where we wanted to start our life as Husband and Wife and it was so upsetting to find out it most likely was not going to work out. I was so incredibly surprised when my dear friend messaged me on our last day in Jamaica to ask if there was anyway I had a few minutes to chat because he had great news. We knew this could only be about our venue because he knows the owner and has been trying to help us since day one. He has been working so hard to get everything together for us, and I really can’t thank him enough.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get his message until late that evening and with the time change there was no way we would have the time. Then last Thursday we had a busy travel day (no cell service or wifi while we were in transit to the airport), and I was not able to get in touch until around 6pm when we landed in Miami. The news started off not so great with details about laws and new zoning problems, etc. but then we got the great news- we are able to surpass all of that and have our wedding! I won’t go into details, because frankly I don’t even understand. All I know is we get to have our dream venue!

Dave will be going to meet with the owner on Friday night, and then he is meeting our potential caterer with my parents (of course I will be in Chicago until 1am Saturday). Once that is settled, we can finally start working on others things, and I can really map out where everything will go. I could not be more excited!

Also- we have two more exciting things coming up for our wedding: our engagement party (this weekend!) and Bridesmaids dress shopping (October 4th). I can’t wait to see some of our friends and family this weekend, and celebrate how sweet it is to be marrying my best friend.

I am so sad to say that this week we say goodbye to Mary as she has her final Wedding Wednesday post today. Thank you so much for hosting this link-up for so long!

Wedding Wednesday


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