Traveling Through My Eyes (and my iPhone/SLR)

Traveling Through My Eyes (and my iPhone/SLR)

I am starting this page of the blog to remind myself, and others, that traveling is necessary in life. It doesn’t matter if you are going to a nearby place for a weekend getaway, or a 3 month backpack trip through Europe. You NEED to do it. I am not well versed in all things travel by any means. But I do know a few tips, must sees and some great restaurants for the places I have been. But those places also don’t matter as much compared to where I am going.
I myself have only been out of the United States twice, but I have many plans to travel abroad much more. More about those trips later.
My favorite place (so far) in the world is Southern California. I have been 6 times, and I would go back in a heartbeat. I truly hope to live there one day. I love the vibe, the neighborhoods, the hills, the beaches, the people, the views, the history, and everything in between. My favorite restaurant is in Beverly Hills, Coupa Cafe, and my favorite beach would easily be Laguna Beach. (yeah, so what if I learned about it from the awesome TV show, it really is beautiful)
I traveled to 4 different countries on one of my trips out of the US, and I have another plan in the works to head to Italy. I have never been one to try eclectic, obscure things, but lately that has been changing. The most recent of my new tastes was Mussels in Brussels. They were awesome!
That’s all for now, but please come back when I have some more adventures posted 🙂


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