Sweater Weather

Sweater Weather

The weather in Baltimore is ever changing. Last week it was freezing, this week has been beautiful, but today is rainy and wet! Instead of posting about todays outfit (yoga pants, moccasins and my north face raincoat) I’ll post about yesterdays outfit which was pretty put together for a Tuesday.
Purple is my all time favorite color, and I am VERY into Tiffany Blue lately. So into it my whole living room matches a Tiffany’s box perfectly.
So yesterday I paired Old Navy purple Rockstar jeans, with a 3/4 length sweater with an open oval in the back, with my go-to black boots from Target. The arm party was a bracelet I go from jane.com, and my beloved Michael Kors watch. My scarf is black with a lace outline from Zulily.com. My earrings are from @DandelionLoveys from Instagram, go check her out!
I am a thrifty shopper, if you can’t tell. I also finally figured out how to get my hair into a bun that will last all day!


4 thoughts on “Sweater Weather

    • I used one of those mesh sock buns, and since my hair is so long i pulled it away from my head and pinned the hair around the pony tail. Then I pinned some that is in the bun the my scalp to cover it. I used about 8 bobby pins but you couldn’t really see any 🙂 I was so excited it lasted all day!

      • I feel ya. I hate that some people can get the messy look so easily, “messy” takes me foreverrr to make it look good haha. Amazon sells the mesh one for pretty cheap. target has them also 🙂

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