Girls Will Be Girls…and Like Football!

Yesterday when I mentioned NFL RedZone to a guy, he stared at me for a moment then asked how I knew what that was…SERIOUSLY!? I get looks like this all the time. Just because I am a girl, does not mean I don’t pay attention to football.

I am in love with football. July (training camp)- February I am constantly engrossed in football. It started when I went to my first Ravens game in 1996, and ever since then I am all about it. Don’t expect to make plans with me on a Sunday, and it’s rare to get me on a Thursday or Monday night.

I love the spirit, the competition, the company, the food, the cheering, and sometimes even the stress, and being a Ravens fan brings a lot of the ladder. Every game there is a party at my parents house and we all scream and shout at the players, coaches and refs. It is a tradition, being a Ravens fan is more to me than just a game.

So in the end when I am asked how I know about something football related, I just walk away. Like boom, girl power.

p.s. Go Ravens!!!


2 thoughts on “Girls Will Be Girls…and Like Football!

  1. Hello from a fellow Marylander and Ravens Lover! I can totally relate but there are girls I have seen at the bar who will wear smith’s or lewis’ jersey and not understand one thing about football so I understand why people like you and I get the awestruck look. Btw wish your BF happy birthday for me. It’s my birthday today too…small world yeah?

    • Unfortunately I also see girls in ravens gear all the time and have no idea what is going on pretty often. It’s good there are so many fans, but its a shame when girls like us are frowned upon…but then we get to prove them wrong and show them what we know! (We just don’t need to talk about this season thus far lol) and happy belated birthday!!!

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