Pre-Holiday Weekend

My boyfriend and I have decided to take some time around the holidays and go somewhere. It could be a day-trip, weekend trip, or a few extra days away. Last year we spent our first Holiday Getaway in New York City. We both love the city (although I am still deciding if I could live in one), and New York was the perfect place for the first holiday together. Unfortunately we don’t have the option to be together on the actual holiday so we decided to celebrate prior. Which is also what we are doing this year since we both go opposite ways for Thanksgiving and then Christmas (he goes to Buffalo, I stay in Baltimore).

This year we have decided to go to Boston for a weekend. It’s about a 6 hour drive from Baltimore, and neither of us have been before. We are going to leave in the wee hours of Black Friday, while everyone else is out shopping (not me this year, Go Ravens!) and start driving. I am excited to stop in Connecticut for some food once we get that far, I haven’t been there either. I will pack some snacks and drinks, make a great playlist and buckle up for a nice ride. I can’t wait to arrive!

We have also decided to visit Newport, Rhode Island on the way home. Most likely stay there Saturday night. I have heard wonderful things about the area during Christmas, and all the time (somewhere else I have not had the chance to visit). So needless to say I can’t wait till Thanksgiving, which is normal for me, but I have extra incentive this year!

Does anyone have suggestions for the way there, Boston or Newport? I’d love to hear some suggestions!


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