Mixing Dots

Mixing patterns is an apparent trend for this fall, but what about pairing patterns? I tried it with polka dots, and I was pretty happy with the outcome.

I finally found this gold polka dot scarf at Target. So many people have posted it but it took forever for my whole in the wall store to get it. I was happy I got it later though because Cartwheel had a coupon! I also LOVE the belt I found. Lots of my Instagram friends posted about a gold glitter belt with a bow, which is perfect, but my store didn’t have my size. So i settled for gold glitter without the bow, and I am extremely happy. Who can be sad with a glitter belt?!

I have had my eye on this polka dot sweater from Old Navy for a few months now, and it finally went on sale! Although, I’m not sure if I am going to keep it. There is no way I could wear it without a long sleeve shirt under it because the polka dots are so itchy. Some say pain is beauty, but I am pretty sure I can deal without the pain.

Overall I was pretty happy with this Christmassy look!



2 thoughts on “Mixing Dots

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