Hotel Diaries Part 1

Hilton DullesWell, I’ve started another week of conferences. Last week I was in Lancaster, PA and this week I am starting in Chantilly, VA and then heading to Phoenix, AZ tomorrow night. Living in a hotel isn’t too bad, unless you are traveling in a snow/ice storm or missing a great 4th quarter of a Ravens game.

We had about 4 inches of snow by the time we had to leave for Virginia, it turned what is normally an hour and a half drive into a three hour trek past accidents and traffic. Snow and ice is no joke, people don’t seem to understand that though. We finally made to to Chantilly to set-up for the conference and this hotel is beautiful. I love and hate traveling around the holidays, but I think the love overcomes. Hotels really step up the decorating game during December, which makes it so welcoming. There is a beautiful tree in the conference hotel and also in the Hilton I am staying in.

I reccomend these rooms for a few reasons, I love a good make-up mirror that is separated from the bathroom, a desk next to a tv that swivels so I can watch it while I work, a nice big king size bed with a chair next to it, and I can’t complain about the parking lot view. It looks so pretty in the snow, but what doesn’t?

More snow is expected tonight into tomorrow, so we will see if the flight for tomorrow is cancelled. If not, AZ here I come!!


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