There Are How Many “Shopping Days” Left?!

Here on the East Coast we had a snowstorm and a half within the past week, unfortunately both happened while I was working. I have been away for conferences and time has continued to (quickly) pass and Christmas is getting closer and closer. I ventured to Virginia, which isn’t too far from my stomping grounds in Baltimore, and then to Phoenix, my first time in Arizona! The main point of this post is to harp on the fact that I have 8 days to completely finish my Christmas shopping.

I like to buy/make unique gifts that I know people will love, but I haven’t had the time to put into crafting the perfect gift list this year so I have been sticking with the basics. I am not a believer in gift cards for people that are closest to me, so I have tried my best to get around that. Some of my favorite purchases are from etsy shops, and Target. Since I haven’t been able to spend as much time as I want on the gifts, I am spending a little extra time on the wrapping this year. Presents

Are you finished your shopping yet?


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