Violet VoxBox from Influenster

Influenster Violet VoxBox

I love receiving complimentary goodies to try, it’s even better when it’s items I would actually use. I recently received the Violet VoxBox from Influenster (if you aren’t already a member, let me know and I can send you an invite!). I received 5 items and I love and use all of them!

Not Your Mothers Clean Freak

I am a new fan of the Not Your Mothers products, but I am slowly becoming one of the biggest! I started with the sea salt spray and fell in love and then continued to buy more of their line. Clean Freak, which is a dry shampoo, is what I received in this box. I have always had a bit of a grudge against dry shampoo because they simply never work, or so I thought. After a day and a half my hair gets decently greasy, so I have tried my far share of products to take care of this for the last few hours of the second day. I judged this product until I tried it. It’s great! I love the spray, smell and the way it works with my hair. I can style it however I want, and it doesn’t add to the greasyness. I highly recommend this product, and I am sure I will buy it after the sample runs out. Side note, all fo the products smell awesome!!


Lately I am eating healthy and counting calories, which is somewhat working, but I haven’t tried these bars. I didn’t think they would really curb my appetite or be too flavorful, but for the sake of sampling and need for a quick snack to take on the plane, I tried it. I loved it! I can’t wait to try other flavors. One of the other benefits of this product is that it is often on sale at Target. I’ll be waiting for the sale and getting as many as I can.

Goody Athletique Quik Style

I love headbands, I buy them all the time and I try as many as I can. The only thing is finding one that stays in my head. The one I received in my box I have tested while working out, all day at work, under a beanie, and with a messy bun. For most of those “tests” it stayed! The only slight problem is when I have a bun in, it slides slowly bit by bit until it falls out. Luckily I have other headbands that look a little better with a bun anyways. Another con of this headband is the width, I normally prefer thinner strap but this one wasn’t too big that I wouldn’t wear it.

Sally Hansen Triple Shine

I LOVE nail polish! If you ask my family or friends they will say I have an obsession. I mostly buy Essie Polishes, and have about half of the shades they have. I used to spend the $8 to get them from a store but ever since I found out about Instagram shops, I have been buying all of mine from @nikkisniftythings. She sells them anywhere from $4-7 and the more you buy the cheaper they are. She doesn’t have every color but if I see one I want while I am shopping I text her and she tries to get it for me. Anywaysss about the polish I got from the VoxBox. I got Sparks Fly Triple Shine Glitter polish, which I am obsessed with lately. I used After School Boy Blazer (essie) and put over top to create a perfect darker holiday look. The polish dried very fast, went on evenly and hasn’t chipped yet! I highly recommended it.

Montagne Jeunesse Clay Spa

I have only used one at home spa mask before and I didn’t really enjoy the experience. The mask burned, made my face blemish and didn’t smell very good. I was leery to try this because of all of that, but I did anyways. It worked great, my face felt a little tingly but it wasn’t irritating or uncomfortable. I will for sure be purchasing this again!


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