Starting 2014 Right

Its already 9 days into January. That may not seem like a lot of time to some people, but for me it’s a ton. I can’t believe the goals I am achieving so far into this year, and I hope you will keep me accountable for continuing to keep on keeping on. My big moments in these first 9 days are all relative in a way, although not at all in the big picture. I am pushing myself, and trying to remain positive in every aspect.

First big step, skiing. I haven’t skied in at least 10 years (I’ve spent a few winters in between snowboarding) and I am going to Colorado in March, I NEED to know what I am doing by then. Starting with volunteering for a Children’s Winter Snowboarding/Skiing camp, I’ve already been on the mountain twice, and I have at least 5 more days there to perfect the act of pretending to know what I am doing.

My second big step is working out. For the past several months I have been trying to eat healthier, which I have, but my lack of exercise isn’t proving to help very much. I have lost some pounds, but not many inches. I have worked out 6 times in the first 9 days, which is a start for somebody with a full schedule like me. I need to get on the Yoga train though, I hear that will help with my mega stress.

My third and biggest accomplishment thus far is starting my Wedding Planning class with my mom! I have been saying I would do it for months, and I finally sat down a few days ago and not only started the class, but finished 3 of the 5 sections! I know the biggest struggle with this endeavor will be figuring out legal issues, but I think I can do it! Any law students out there want to lend a fellow broke girl some knowledge, feel free!

A little something else I am excited about is the other blog I am on, Fox and His Anchor, which I have with my boyfriend. Follow more of my adventures over there!

Are you sticking to your goals? Have the first 9 days of 2014 been exceptional for you?


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