To-Do Lists Done “Right”

photoDon’t let the title bore you before you event start reading…This post is about how To-Do lists are helpful, quick and useful when made “correctly”. I use the term correctly loosely because what works for me will be the opposite of what will work for others.

I normally take 5 steps to put my first To-Do lists together, and then a few extra for “side lists”.

1- What is the purpose of this list? Work? Goals? School? Master/Bucket List?

2-What is the timing for this list? Daily? A Few Hours? A Month?

3-List items by most important. Since you will think of things as you go, it doesn’t have to be in order, so highlighting, starring, or numbering will work.

4-Spend a few minutes thinking about a timeline,. What task will lead to another? Will it be faster to go to Target instead of a grocery store? (for me it never is, I spend WAY too much time in Target) Could you finish two tasks at once, like clean the floor, and as it dries feed the cat?

5-START! Too many times people make lists and don’t complete them. This is the exact opposite for me. If I make a list, I need to complete it. My OCD kicks in and I keep going until I have it all done.

“Side Lists”

I don’t like to have multiple lists, so I always leave space between each task. I also like to bullet things, which makes that easier too. For example, last week for work I had a general title “Send Emails”, and each bullet was a different email that I needed to send.

Now that this post is done, I can check it off of my list 😉


One thought on “To-Do Lists Done “Right”

  1. I love lists. I have a new todo list like almost every day. I love crossing things off and then rewriting the list. Cool that you have a checklist for how you create yours.

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