Who Doesn’t Love Free?

ImageLike most of you (I assume), I am all about free goodies! I’m also pretty inclined to buy cheap awesome stuff too though, so I have a subscription to Ipsy. I have been a member of Influenster, and I receive awesome products at least once every other month. I’m not super active on the site, but I’m sure if I were to be more present I could get more.

The real reason for this blog is to share that I just found 2 new websites to help get some free goodies, in exchange for reviews!

BzzAgent- It seems to be all about surveys and redeeming points for products. I have only done a few of the surveys, but they are super quick so far, and not difficult. So it seems to be worth it for free stuff.

PINCHme- For this one you fill out some information about yourself, and it shows your products that you can order (shipping and the product are FREE!). I was only able to get one so far, a K-Cup, woohoo!

If you would like an invite to any of these sites, leave a comment! Do you know any other beauty, craft or supply sites that give things out for reviews? Or any other good monthly subscriptions?


3 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Love Free?

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