Concerts Are My Jam…

Well…concerts used to be my jam. They still are one of my favorite things to do, but times are a changing. Last year, and probably the 4 years before, I went to at least 20 concerts a year. I miss frequenting that scene so much, but adult life was calling. Tickets used to be $10, and now most are around $60-$80. Who can afford that?! So this year I have decided to limit myself to 4, maybe 5 concerts, and it has been so difficult deciding which I should go to. I am hoping my fellow bloggers will help me stick to this plan. So here we go the start of my 2014 concerts, which I guarantee won’t be as full as a list from my past, but they will be the best concerts of the year!

1- Sweetlife Festival


Music and food festival put into one? I’m pretty much there. Announce that Bastille will be playing? I’ll be there with bells, bows, glow sticks and drinks! I could have cried when the lineup was announced and Bastille will be there. I instantly told my boyfriend (from across the table at work, one positive of working together) that he had to buy tickets as soon as they go on sale. Which was just now, and I could cry yet again because we got tickets! In addition to Bastille, great artists such as Lana Del Ray, St. Lucia, and Capital Cities will also be there. Come on, May 10th!

2- Paramore & Fall Out Boy


WHATTT?! I was sooo excited when this tour was released. Fall Out Boy has been on my list of “Must-See”s for a very long time. Cue Peyton and Pete Wentz being adorable in One Tree Hill. They always sell out around Baltimore, and I can never get tickets. However, as soon as they announced tickets for this summer I was on it! The icing on the cake is Paramore. I have seen them several times, but Hayley and the boys never disappoint. It helps they are playing my favorite venue, as if it needed to be any sweeter.

My Concert Wishes-

Katy Perry! I have seen her one time and it was amazing. She was hilarious, and so involved in the crowd. The story told during the show was really a great idea, and her costume changes were really cute. She will be in DC this summer, but again tickets are so expensive. I have been calling radio shows like mad, no luck yet!

Taylor Swift…I doubt she will be touring again this year, but for once in my life I would love to get tickets. Every. Single. Time. she is around, tickets sell out instantly.

I haven’t decided any others, but I am sure it won’t be for long. Are any of you planning on some awesome concerts this year?


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