Five Favorites

I have been thinking about starting at least one weekly post, and what would be better than a weekly favorites list? Since tomorrow is Valentines Day, and everyone will be posting the lovey-dovey ness of that, I am going to start today! Normally the favorites will be on the last day of the work week. So here we go

Favorite Nails- I love glitter nails like this, and I have been so into red for the past few months. (










Favorite Look- Ever since I got Bean Boots last month, I find every excuse to wear them. Yay for snow right now!

Bean Winter









Favorite Decoration- I have been so in love with the balloons that Lauren Conrad has been posting. So I had to search for some cute ones to attempt and make myself! (

glitter balloons









Favorite Smile- KITTEN!!!









Favorite Quote- As I start making my way towards my dream of becoming an Event Planner, this quote reminds me everyday to keep pushing forward.



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