Happy Valentines Day!

Since my boyfriend loves this holiday and I love love I am going to have one mushy post to talk about how much our relationship means to me. I am also linking up with Tay and Bon to share “Why We Work”

Washington, DC

Dave is my opposite in most things, but that is just a part of why we work.

He is almost always optimistic, and I have my fair share of pessimistic moments.

He makes me laugh, especially when I am mad.

He talks to SharkBait in a baby voice, and sings her songs when he is making her food.

He cooks more than I do.

He always pays attention to what I say, which is why our first date was the aquarium, and he surprised me with a box of balloons this week.

He loves my family, almost as much as I do.

He loves his family, almost as much as I do.

He is always up for an adventure, no matter how crazy or spontaneous.

Most of all he deals with my crazy, and I deal with his as rarely as it happens.

We’re far from perfect, but I truly believe we are perfect for each other.


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