Happy Birthday To Me, and Some Travel Tips!

I turned 23 on Tuesday, and it may have been my first “crisis” birthday. I wanted to be 22 forever, it’s such a fun age and T Swift made it even better. Also- nobody likes you when you’re 23…right?

Luckily I had an absolutely awesome birthday weekend seeing some friends and going to Atlantic City. My birthday always falls near Presidents Day, and long weekends are always the perfect time to get away. The festivities began as soon as Valentines Day was over. Saturday I went shopping, to search for a birthday dress that I never found, but then I realized I had the perfect dress…in my closet…with tags still on. Don’t tell my boyfriend. I had lunch with a few friends and then packed to leave for Atlantic City bright and early on Sunday (Funday).

I had never been to AC, and out of my friends with us only Dave had visited before. We were all very excited to get to the hotel, and settle into the area. Once we arrived, Dave broke out a helium tank, a Spider-Man Happy Birthday sign, and purple and teal balloons. Best boyfriend ever?! The girls changed, sipped some celebratory drinks and we all headed out to sightsee. I was surprised to see so many hermit crabs and shells along the beach, I guess that is what happens when you go to the ocean in the middle of winter.


For lunch we all wanted sushi, but it was a weird time between lunch and dinner so not many places were open…except Rainforest Cafe! I used to have one of these about 20 minutes from home, but it was replaced with a Tiffany’s (oh darn) about 5 years ago. After lunch we went to Ceasers to walk around and pretend to play slot machines in order to get some free drinks. The one of us that was actually playing did win $18 though! We went back to our room for a quick nap and to prepare for the evening festivities.

Deciding where to go was pretty difficult, especially since it was a last minute trip and we didn’t want to spend too much. Once we found a place, we grabbed a taxi and left to arrive before midnight. I’m not used to bars and clubs being open until 4 am, so I was crazy excited. The club wasn’t too crowded yet, so after we realized every drink was $11 we went up to the casino to pretend to play again and get free drinks (noticing a trend..I’m cheap!). Each of us played $1 in the penny slots, and we didn’t even realize 2 hours had went by. It was so much fun, and it didn’t even cost a buck (I ended up winning my money back, and one of my friend won about $20!). Even winning 5 cents was exciting. We decided to cash out and head back downstairs to the club.


Perfect timing! The club was getting full and they were handing out free sunglasses with the DJs name. The music was great, the vibe was awesome, and we had a great time. We literally danced until they kicked us out. We weren’t quite ready to head back yet so we attempted to go to the casino next to our hotel, but it was pretty empty and no more free drinks, so we went back to our room. Thank goodness for birthday cupcakes at 5am!


My actual birthday was spent in a spa getting a massage, dinner with my family, and then going to a trampoline park with Dave, my mom and my sister. Such a great day! Maybe 23 won’t be so bad!


Now for some last minute travel tips:

1- Use Hotel Tonight or Jetsetter! Hotel Tonight hotels “go live” at 9am, so basically we were on our way when we booked the hotel. They show you what kind of hotel you are staying in (modern, elegant, etc) and show you pictures taken by other guests. Our hotel ended up being $70 for the night. SO worth it! If you don’t have the app yet, leave me a comment and I will send you an invite! You can download it in the app store, but if you get a referral you get a $25 credit!

2- Bring snacks for the ride. Nonce of us had breakfast, so we packed some snacks and waters to save some money. We were hungry by the time we arrived, but in perfect time to get some food at our destination.

3- Bring you own alcohol. Alcohol can be the most expensive part of a trip, especially a short one. Each of us brought a bottle or two and we were set with that and the drinks in the casino.

4- If you are by a casino, pretend to play some slots or put in a few bucks. As long as you aren’t spending $10, your drink will most likely be cheaper. While the first won’t be the strongest, tip about $5-$10 the first time and they will come back more often with stronger drinks. After the first $1-$2 will be fine for a tip.

5- Eat one meal a day out, get carry-out or pack the other meal(s). For dinner we ordered food from the restaurant next door, and sent the guys to pick it up. This saved us time and a tip, which can add up.


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