J’Adore VoxBox

I was so excited to get the email that I would be receiving another VoxBox. Thanks, Influenster! This one includes some stuff I am very excited to try!


My last VoxBox had a clay mask in it, and it was only okay and this one looks much better. I can’t wait to try it! The 2nd thing I am excited to try is the tea, for the past few months I have been obsessed with tea. I am a bit leery with the caramel tea, but I am still looking forward to trying it.

The not so exciting parts of this VoxBox are the Kisses (I am on a diet right now, so I can’t really have any), the FrizzEase is a good idea but I normally wash my hair every other day, if not every other day so the 3-day straight won’t really help me much, and the eyelashes are a huge no for me. I really don’t like sticky things (no stickers, band-aids, etc. they make me kind of ill. weird I know) so I will probably toss them, or have my mom try them to see if they work.

I’ll be sharing my single product reviews soon!

*I have received these products complementary from Influenster to test and share my opinion


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