I’m Diggin It

I guess this is kind of similar to my Friday Favorites post, but oh well. Here are some things I am currently pretty excited about from this past week-

Katy Perry & John Mayer calling it quits. Can I get a “You GO Girl”?! Good for KP, she deserves better than a womanizing fool, and everybody knows she can get it. He doesn’t know how to treat women, and even though she should have known that from the start, I’m so happy she ended it. Lesson learned for the rest of you ladies, it didn’t work for Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift of Katy Perry…it most likely won’t work for you. Can’t take the douche out of this one, in my opinion.



Ashton Kutcher & Mila Kunis planning to seal the deal. I LOVE them as a couple, for a little while it seemed like he was bringing her down a bit, but maybe she was just caught at a bad time. I’m sure the celeb life gets rough. I have loved them separately forever, so now that they are together, it’s perfect.



The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. What a hit, I love this guy. He’s hilarious, and seems so down to earth. It also helps that his real life BFF is Justin Timberlake. They are also both adorable. Can I just hang out with them…pleeeassse!


Paper dress up, anyone? This mom makes her daughter costumes out of paper products and household items. Talk about awesome. Some of these are adorable and perfect for a cute little girl. If only I had this kind of talent! I’m sure this will be a new trend. There is a shark outfit, and Elsa!




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