Pretty Little Liars

Obsessed is not the word to describe my love for PLL. Every week I countdown to Tuesday night so I can sit in my living room, eating Chili’s queso and guac (sadly not while I’m dieting) with my mom and sister to watch PLL.The last few episode have been so awesome, and have really got me thinking. It seems that everyone else is also in the same spot that I am in though, confusion. As always, there are a million questions and they are all unanswered. Here are a few theories of my own, and the one that has stuck out the most from my research, although I don’t believe it.

Ezra is lying. He may have started off with writing a book about the girls, but he is absolutely involved with the A Team. Marlene even said Ezra was A, still could just be on the team and not big A though. Now he is just trying to cover his tracks.

Ali’s mom knows that she is alive. She is too curious and creepy to not know at this point. This past episode further proves this point, although I don’t think she is Big A. There is no way they would have made it that obvious, especially with them flat out saying Ezra thinks it’s Ali’s mom.

Spencer is clearly going insane, but I don’t think Toby is as innocent in that as he is making it seem. Once a member of the A Team, always a member of the A Team?

Somebody has parents involved. Where are Arias parents? Did they decide to not show up at all this season? Spencer’s parents are absent most of the time. Emily’s mom is MIA and her dad, who is supposed to be home now is never mentioned after his heart attack. Didn’t he see A? Don’t you think he would question why Emily was stuck and screaming in a dark school? Hanna’s mom was around for a bit, but now she’s gone again. It seems so weird that so much happens and their parents are never around or questioning things.

The theory that is going around that everyone thinks is accurate, but I am hesitant to believe (possibly because I ❤ her)…Aria is A. There is a lot of evidence, but I just can’t believe it. She isn’t big A, but maybe she could be on the team. Click below to see all of the reasons everyone is believing it.

Aria Is A

Here’s a little throwback to the time I was walking around the WB parking lot and found this on the wall (I screamed like a little girl, as did my mom) and then we saw it on an episode a few weeks later. Come to find out they were just about to film this scene hours after I was there. wahhhh.


Thoughts? Who do you think is A?


2 thoughts on “Pretty Little Liars

  1. Ugh PLL is driving me crazy! Last episode was seriously freaky! Allison’s mom is actually scary and I think she knows more too. I would hate to think one of the four girls is apart of the A team, but it could be :/

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