Five Favorites

We most likely experienced the last snow storm of this winter on Monday. In honor of this season coming to and end, and Spring beginning, here are my favorite almost spring favorites.

Favorite Nails- This was a hard one, so many pretty spring colors are being added to my collection right now.


Favorite Jacket- I have a few North Face rain jackets, and I love them! They are warm enough to wear on a chilly night, but light enough to stuff into a bag.


Favorite Shoes- I have these and LOVE them! They have a soft lining, and doubled as snow boots before I got my Bean Boots.



Favorite Accessory- I always have a headband in my purse incase it rains. No matter what my hair becomes a frizzy mess with any amount of rain, and a headband is my go-to fix! (Excuse me while I channel my inner Blair)



Favorite Bloom- Gotta love the May flowers!


Enjoy the last few weeks of winter weather!


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