Warmer Weekends

Springtime, I know I have posted about this about 5 times already, but here I am bringing it back again. This past weekend was beautiful! I was so happy to breakout my bike and the adorable shoes my sister bought me for Christmas. As I have said before I love the snow, but there comes a time (ahem MARCH) when I am ready for nicer weather. I have a thing for all four seasons.

I was also lucky enough to win VIP tickets to the FS Wedding Show in the city. I wanted to attend this show as soon as tickets went on sale, but I wasn’t prepared to spend $90 for a VIP ticket, or $25 for a regular ticket. I knew I had a slim chance when I entered an instagram contest to win, but look at that, I won! For starters, the VIP bags we received were amazing! My 2 favorite items were the latest Baltimore Bride magazine, and Wedding Planning for Dummies. These will both help in my journey to becoming an event planner, and it’s nice that I didn’t even need to spend the money to get them. The rest of the show was also awesome, there was a fashion show, wonderful food, macarons (!!), and nice vendors. Me and my mom had such a perfect time! I am even more excited to be starting this adventure with her!

Although some of my weekend was spent riding my new bike around my neighborhood,sitting outside and making even more plans for my future at the Bridal Show, I had to do some real life stuff in between. While I wished I could have done all of these things all day long, I still had to do some spring cleaning since I knew I wouldn’t have the chance for at least 2 weeks. I can’t wait for my vacation next week, and then hopefully coming home to pretty spring weather 🙂ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage


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