Five Favorites

It’s that day again! TGIF! I am especially happy to be doing this post because it means I will be on vacation for a whole 8 days after today. There may or may not be many posts next week, so please don’t hold it against me 😉 These Favorites post is all related to the best drinking holiday there is… St Patricks Day!

Favorite Nails- I have a thing for ombre, and these nail the colors! Image

Favorite Activity- Obviously a St. Pattys day bar crawl! (maybe a few if we’re lucky and it falls on a weekend!)


Favorite Drink- Gotta go with Green Beer, just make sure you pay attention to the green teeth afterwards 😉

Favorite Food- Corned Beef and Cabbage is the only way to go, I had some for dinner last night and still can’t wait for more on Monday!


Favorite Outfit- These shirts were a part of our attire from last year, and will for sure be on us again this year. Sorry Colorado, we ended up with the trophy 😉



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