Thankful Sunday


I have been a bit MIA this past week since I have been on vacation, and totally ran out of time to schedule posts, but I am back! I have a lot of catching up to do around the house and for work, but I am crazy happy to be back to blogging! I will post about my vacation later this week, and for now here are 5 things I am really happy for at the moment!

1- Ability to take multiple vacations a year. This didn’t really matter to me a few years ago, but now I am in the real working world, I love being able to afford to take vacation time.

2- SharkBait, since I don’t have any kids yet I am always happy to talk about my kitten. Of course I have tons of pictures on my phone to show her off while I’m at it.

3- Feeling Creative. I have so many great DIY ideas and photo shoot ideas for when I get back into the grove of things!

4- My business license is on it’s way! While I was on vacation my mom submitted our paperwork for our business license, woohoo!

5- Friends and Family. As always I am so thankful for all of the people around me. I wouldn’t be blessed enough to have any of the things on this list if it wasn’t for them.


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