Career Dreams are Made of These




Big changes and big steps seem like the stepping stones of changing careers. As I traveled home from Colorado I flipped through the Southwest magazine called Spirit, and I feel like one of the articles in there was pretty much meant for me to read. It was all about doing something that makes you happy and how ending the 9-5 job was something that needed to be now sooner than later, if you are one of the people thinking about doing it at any point in life. 

If you have read my about page, or pretty much any blog post of mine, you may have noticed that I am slowly taking on a new career (hopefully). Currently, I work for a small startup in Baltimore, where I have been for 2.5 years. My job title has changed multiple times, as have the people I work with. But that is how a startup goes it seems. This company was a great change for me as I was closing in on my 4 year anniversary working for IKEA. I was done with retail and working every weekend, doing something I didn’t particularly enjoy. However, I continued to work full time at both places since my new job didn’t offer health insurance. 

I continued the routine of 65-80 workweeks for about 10 months, and decided to call it quits at IKEA. I loved the people there, but I got a different job for a reason so I decided to keep up with the startup lifestyle. My job title(s) change every few months but it is what i agreed to do. Even though I enjoy the people I work with, and my current position, I don’t feel like social technology is where I want to be forever. At this point in my life though, I enjoy it. 

This brings me to my current job situation and the article I read in Spirit, The New American Dream by Taffy Brodesser-Akner. There is mention of people starting Etsy businesses which leads them to eventually quitting their boring day job, and cheesecake connoisseurs starting their own bakery instead of sitting behind a machine all day. I feel like this is where I am now, I have a passion for event planning and being involved with giving clients exactly what they are looking for, but I can’t just wipe my hands of a “real job”. 

The article speaks to do something now, don’t wait until you are “financially stable” or unemployed, later will always be there but now is now. The thing is, as much as I want to hit the ground running, I can’t. I need to go one step at a time, so for now my passion will remain my hobby and my real job will be staying. But that also leads me to thinking that I shouldn’t let my current job yield my happiness of fulfilling my dream. It seems as if I am going to need to sit down and figure out all of the time management, but I know I can do it. 

So for me I will not run off and quit my day job, because I do still like it and I know great things are happening. but I promise myself to make time for my passions and work towards my final goal. In the end, now is now.


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8 thoughts on “Career Dreams are Made of These

  1. So true, following my passion is really important to me when it comes to my career. I have seen my parents work for too many years in a position they didn’t enjoy just to pay the bills and I don’t want that to be me.

  2. I am so with you Macy. I work for a small real estate company with under ten employees. I work 8:30-5 and work every weekend. My heart is not happy about it, but with bills and a wedding coming up I know I cant run off. I wish I had something I was so great at and talented at so I could start that up so eventually I could run my own business and travel. One day you’ll get there! The fact that you’re already working toward it is so amazing!!

    • I’m sure your passion will come to you one day, and then you will succeed in big ways! Even if it isn’t starting your own company, finding a job that makes you happy has to be out there somewhere. It’s so difficult being our age in this decade. Everything is so expensive!

  3. Great post! I even went over to the original article, which is also great! Just need to figure out what our purpose here is and when we can make the jump!


  4. Such a inspirational post! I’m on the same path! Just trying to follow my heart and trying to figure out what I would really love to do as a career.

    Sharry Heer

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