Five Favorites

Oh yes, it is finally FRIDAY! It always seems like weeks are much longer when you are coming back from a vacation. Unfortunately, I will be at a conference in DC from tomorrow morning until Monday evening, so I don’t really get a weekend. But I love hotels, so it isn’t too bad. Anyway, here goes my favorites for this week!

Nail Polish- A giel can never have too many Essies! (I get ALL of mine from @nikkisniftythings on Instagram, sweetest gal and always has new polishes for great deals!)

“Play Date”


Dream Vacation- I have been debating where and what I want to do for a weekend trip within the next few months (I have a problem staying in one place for a long time), and I am going back and forth between a few places. But if I had months off, and endless amounts of money, I would totally go backpacking in Europe. This blog really gives you a deep look into how and what to pack for such an adventure!


 Laugh- Nail on the head!


 Family activity- We played this game with Daves family while on vacation, and I loved it. One round is quick, so there is always time to play, but if you wanted you can always keep it going for a few more rounds.


Outfit- I think I could skip spring and be fine with summer right about now. I am in ove with scalloped edges on just about everything right now!



4 thoughts on “Five Favorites

  1. Whoonu is something me and my family would play all the time on vacation! It’s fun cause younger kids can play too. I need to find this instagram you are talking about! I love essie so much, and if I can get a good deal on them…well I’d be so happy!

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