All Of My Travel Dreams


Happy first day of the A to Z challenge! I am so excited to be starting this journey throughout the month of things that make me happy! For my the letter A, I am going to be spilling the details of my top 5 dream vacations. I would never have the time to list all of them, but I am really excited to share some of them. I would also love to hear stories if you have visited any of them! So here we go…

Australia- I have always dreamed of visiting Australia, it has so much going on and the Great Barrier Reef. I am slowly learning to scuba dive, and this would be an amazing experience. All except for my huge fear of spiders…

Bali- After watching Eat. Pray. Love I am obsessed. I really want to experience the culture of Bali, and even though it’s one of the most expensive trips to go on, I really hope to make it happen.

Ireland- I am part Irish and feel like this is somewhere I should visit. If I go I am hoping to stay in a castle. Living social and Groupon always have great deals, but I don’t think I could get myself all the way to Ireland to only stay for 5 days.

Seattle- I’m actually staying in the US for the next two on my list, and Seattle is for sure a must see within the next few years. For starters, congrats to them on the Super Bowl! From pictures and stories I have heard, it seems like this is the place to go for all things creative, which is perfect for me and Dave. I would also love some Starbucks.

San Francisco- Tech hub of America. I have several friends living in the area now, and everything about the area sounds wonderful. I knew there had a be a reason for so many monumental millennials  to be moving to the past home of Full House.


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12 thoughts on “All Of My Travel Dreams

  1. I’ve been to Ireland (and it was beautiful, full of history, and had excellent drinks) but all the others are on my travel wishlist too! I really want to visit Australia- and I’m hoping the West Coast happens sometime soon..

    – Rebekah @ Blue Giraffes and Concrete Jungles

  2. Great start to the A to Z Challenge! I have been to two of your dream locations, Australia and San Francisco and have to admit that both are amazing choices.

    I would say that San Fran is my favorite US city along with New York. We visited there in July and the temperature was perfect with the ocean breeze coming off the Bay Area, whereas the rest of the States was for the most part in the upper 90s.

    Australia was well…AMAZING. We stayed in Brisbane for a week and then moved to the Gold Coast for a few days (also took a day trip down to Sydney which was cool!).

    • I am so crazy jealous! I have been to California a dozen times, but I have never ventured higher than the southern areas.

      Australia has been on my list for years. I just wish the flights weren’t so expensive! I keep telling myself it will happen one day!

  3. Dropping in from #AtoZChallenge. I love to travel and your top 2 are on my list! The third is on my husband’s list. Four and five are west coast which neither of us have managed to hit. Awesome list! 😀

    • It would be such a dream come true to make all of these happen. I am really pulling for San Fran and Seattle this year. But we will see if that happens! I hope you get to go to all of your dream spots too!! 🙂

  4. These are all great places to have on your list! We went to Australia last fall, and really enjoyed the Northern cities the most (by the Great Barrier Reef). Eat, Pray, Love definitely made me want to visit Bali! Looks like such an incredible place.

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