Cookout Memories!

C is for cookouts. One of my alltime favorite summer activities. My neighborhood is on the water, and I couldn’t feel more blessed on those hot summer days. Every weekend we throw some burgers on the grill, go out on the boat, lay in the hammock and enjoy eachothers company. Family means so much to me, and spending time with them every week is really special. We make countless memories, and have so many laughs along the way.

Since this post was on the shorter side, click the photo below to enjoy one of my favorite recipes for hot summer days!



What is your favorite summer activity?







8 thoughts on “Cookout Memories!

  1. I love the outdoors and I love summer…yes, cookouts are a favorite here…and swimming….and not working since I teach 🙂
    Happy A-Z April!

  2. Somehow I missed this post! Those look amazing!!!!! Going to have to try that recipe out!!! Going to the BEACH! Baseball, fishing, gardening, being outside instead of cooped up inside!!!! Go summer!

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