Turning My House Into A Home

How I turned my house into a home. I moved out of my parents and into my own house a year ago. It has been a slow process getting things exactly how I wanted them, but it is happening! I have a few ways to keep track of all the things I want to do and everything I still want to buy. I am sure once I finally get all of this stuff done, I will want another change!

I started with Pinterest, I have been pinning things for over3 years (thanks to working for a Technology company and getting a Beta invite!) and I had over 100 ideas in on my “Dream Home” board. I started with colors. My bedroom at my parents house was always a shade of purple, and I didn’t really want to change that trend as I moved into my house. I also knew that one of the rooms would be Tiffany Blue (matched perfectly to a Tiffany & Co. Box!), and that I wanted my kitchen to be avocados. After many trips to Lowes, and changing my mind over and over I decided on a medium purple for my bedroom, Tiffany Blue for my living room, and lime green for my kitchen. I painted my closet room bright white since I knew I would be getting ready in there and had no ceiling light with only one window, and my bathroom eggshell with Navy accents.

Once I finally had the colors picked out, I made a list of furniture I would need compared to what I already had. I didn’t need too much because I had my great-grandmother’s living room set, recliner, kitchen table, and chairs. I was really thankful that all I would need was a desk, 2 more chairs for the living room, a bench for the entryway, a sofa for my closet room and a full length mirror. I slowly purchased all of these things within the last year, and all I really want to still purchase is a new living room set. If Dave decides to move in over the next year or so that is most likely going to do the first month with the money we save from not paying 2 rents.

After I had the layout of furniture I started planning the gallery walls. I LOVE pictures, and I knew I wanted to have a big wall of pictures right as you walk up the steps. I laid out the different size frames I wanted, chose the pictures and realized it needed a little something extra to grab attention. I bought a canvas and Dave painted my favorite quote on it to hang right in the middle. Going with the Tiffany’s theme I bought a vinyl decal from Etsy and put a bow above the canvas. I am so happy with the way it turned out, and I can’t wait to add more photos! I had in mind ordering a few canvas photos to put above my fireplace, but then I realized it would end up being expensive, and I wouldn’t have that many photos, so I found a canvas painting lookalike DIY on Pinterest and made my own! I purchased large pieces of ½ inch plywood, had my grandfather cut them in 9X9 squares, ordered 9X9 photos from Costco, and used mod podge to glue them together. I measured out each square, and hung them on the wall with 3M velcro picture hangers. It might be my favorite part of the house!

The final part of this beginning process was moving everything in! It was slow and I didn’t move everything at once, or in one day. It was nice that I didn’t need to leave my current house and I could take my time. I unpacked one room at a time, and started staying in my house once the bedroom was unpacked. I can’t believe how all of my things fit into one bedroom! Having a craft area, and a huge closet are amazing, it’s like a dream come true!

Since I have moved in, I have been working on my list of wants and it continues to get smaller and smaller. I am so thankful for all of the help I had with the entire process of turning my house into a home. It all started with a lot of elbow grease to remove the 7 layers of wallpaper and old carpet, but it has led to an awesome house with lots of love and laughter inside of the walls. I think my favorite addition to the house has been Sharkbait though 😉

Unfortunately, I don’t have any awesome pictures of my house right now and I didn’t have time to clean it…so a snowy one should do for now!


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8 thoughts on “Turning My House Into A Home

  1. I LOVE that you carried over your bedroom color to the new home! I would do something like that too! My husband and I saw a “Tiffany Blue” wall on some show the other night and he asked if I would consider that for our next living room. I said that it’s always been a color I’ve wanted somewhere in my home. Cool! Congratulations on your home and I hope you put lots of photos up! Have a great weekend!

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