Lets Go To The Movies

movieWho doesn’t like going to the movies? If you’re anything like me you like to go at least 3 times a month, but with the price of a ticket continuing to rise it is getting more and more difficult. Thank goodness for MoviePass!

I really enjoy sitting down to relax for 90 minutes or so and getting lost in somebody else’s story. Reading a book is a great way to do this also, but when I don’t really feel like doing anything besides playing along as the story goes on, I head to the movies. Dave is also a movie buff so this is a great way for us to have several date nights a month. Neither of us really care what type of movie we see, so our options are always open. We have watched Romantic Comedies, Action Movies, Thrillers, Indie Films, etc and it’s nice to talk about it afterwards. We have a difference of opinion on a few movies, but for the most part we both take away a similar message.

With both of us loving to see a movie, it can get pretty expensive, until we found out about MoviePass. A great thing about working for a technology company is learning about other new startups and businesses. We first started using movie pass in 2012 and love it. For $30 a month you can see a movie a day at any movie theatre that accepts Discover (which is most of them). Last year I saved over $200, and was able to see almost 100 movies. I hope more companies realize the needs of the entertainment industry as far as deals and memberships. It’s so nice to know that next month I will be seeing several movies and I will only be paying $30 for all of them.

Is anybody else crazy excited for The Amazing Spider-man 2? I could cry! Spider-man has always been my favorite, and although I love Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst, Andrew Garfield and the amazing Emma Stone take the cake. Without throwing any spoilers I will be sad if this is the last Spider-Man for her, Gwen Stacey is the one for him! Especially because they are the most adorable real-life couple!

What movies are you looking forward to seeing? If you would like an invite to MoviePass, let me know!


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