If We’re Going To Be BFFs…

I got the idea for this post from Meet With A Smile, and figured it would be fun for me to post about myself! So here it goes, the top 10 things you will need to know if we are going to be BFFs

10- I’m going to need to talk about the Housewives. I mostly only watch Beverly Hills and Orange County, but if you watch any of the others, I will have no problem catching a few episodes.

9- I am going to sing as I clean, drive, walk, run, shop, text, etc. I love almost every kind of music, and I love singing along. I hope you will join in!

8- I love hiking, fishing, boating, etc. Anything outside on the water during the summer has my attention. If we can go camping and include all of this plus smores, I am in. You will have to kill all of the spiders though because I will run away crying. No jokes.

7- You’re going to need to love the Baltimore Ravens. I mean seriously love them because we are going to be talking a lot about football, and all things black and purple.

6- Speaking of purple, you will need to like that color because I’m pretty sure you will be wearing it if you happen to be one of my bridesmaids. Which you will be because we’re BFFs. Duh. If purple happens to be your favorite color, then we are way past BFFs…soulmates friends? Is that a thing?

5- Lots of time will be spent Pinteresting and followed by DIYing. We will make several trips to JoAnn fabrics, AC Moore and Target (because even if we don’t need anything from Target, they sell bathing suits).

4- As you can see from #5, you should probably love Target. If you are a girl, I’m sure you already do, but I felt that this needed to be mentioned.

3- This isn’t a must but it would be nice if you were going to be engaged soon, getting married soon, or having a baby soon because I would love to plan your shower. It will be awesome I promise. If you don’t plan on any of those three anytime soon, I hope you are okay with talking about it anyways just in case one day it just happens.

2- Dave will also have to be one of your friends. There is no way I can have my BFF and my boyfriend/other best friend not liking one another. We will for sure still have lots of girl time and wine though.

1- You have to be up for random trips to anywhere. Sometimes I just decide to go and I’ll need a travel buddy! If one day I happen to hit the lottery most of these trips will be to Paris, so you can meet my really life BFF! Hope that’s okay.


So are you up for being my BFF? Yes? Okay, let’s take a vacation!




13 thoughts on “If We’re Going To Be BFFs…

  1. I watch ALL of the housewives. Also, we sound like the same person. I’m getting married in August, and we are having the BEST time, and by we, I mean I, am having the best time crafting up a STORM for this thing. It is a blast!

  2. Yeah Ummm I fit several of these!! #9,6,5,4,1 – #10 is a maybe — I love reality TV but did not ger into the Housewives.. But there is always a chance! hahaha

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