Lets Go O’s!


Living in Birdland, aka Baltimore, we cheer for two teams. The Ravens and the Orioles. I am a HUGE football fan, but I will be getting to that in a few days. For now I am going to tell you about Baltimore baseball, also referred to as America’s favorite (my 2nd favorite) sports pastime. Growing up in Baltimore I have always went to Orioles baseball games. I am not super into baseball, but I sure do enjoy going to a game or two every few weeks.


I used to go fairly often when I was younger, but have started going more now that I can hang out at Pickle’s and The Bull Pen before and after the games (and sometimes during). Who can say no to cheap beer? Hello BOGO Natty Boh! For those of you that don’t know about Natty Boh, it is the local beer here in Charm City, good ol’ Natty watches over Canton and winks as you drive by on 95.


Anyways, baseball…I was at Camden Yards for the game when Cal Ripken set his record of 2131 consecutive games played. It was such a cool experience to take part in. I remember everyone standing up and cheering for what seemed like an hour, but it is such a part of Baltimore history that I didn’t mind. President Clinton was even in attendance at that game.


Since then, nothing super awesome has happened to catch my eye but that doesn’t stop me from attending games. Tuesday and Friday nights you can get upper level tickets for $9, and sneak your way to the lower level if you wish. However, doing so will mean more people which means beer won’t get to you as fast (wait, is this post about beer or baseball?). My favorite games to go to are when you are with a big group of friends, and they have fireworks at the end. So worth it!


I got to take my favorite little niece to her first Orioles game on Monday night, and she loved it!

So if you are ever in town between April and October (playoffs??) take some time to go to a game. Baseball practically plays everyday so I’m sure there is a good chance a game is going on. Make sure to pack your Orange and Black!


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6 thoughts on “Lets Go O’s!

  1. I’m not a huge follower of baseball, either, but I’ll admit that going to a few games throughout the season is super fun! At least when the sun comes out here in Seattle. 🙂

  2. I was born and raised an O’s fan and they are the best baseball games to go to – nothing like Camden Yards in the summer! I cannot wait to get home from Texas and start using my partial season tickets that my brother and I share. He gets April, May, September and I take June, July, August! NattyBoh and Old Bay crab fries forever!

  3. Born and raised an O’s fan and there is nothing like being at Camden Yards and around the stadium on game days! I can’t wait to get home from Texas to start using my share of the partial season tickets my brother and I split! NattyBoh and Old Bay crab fries for life! Go O’s!

  4. As a native of the DC Metro Area I grew up loving the O’s. Mostly Brady Anderson – Before I was aware of the Roids.. lol I still cheer for them but also taken a shine to my husbands fav team the Phillies! I am hoping to catch a O’s Game this year.

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