Happy Good Friday everyone! While most people were off today, I was stuck at work. But on the plus side, there was almost zero traffic on my way here. At least while I still have to work, everybody else that drives the same route I do, is off. Without further ado, here are five of my favorites from this past week! 

Favorite Nails- I couldn’t pick just one color and since its Easter weekend, why not pick 5 pastels!

Favorite Eggs- As always Lauren and Team LC did not disappoint when it came to holiday decorations. How adorable are these sparkly and pastel eggs. The pastel ones are made from other kinds of food! Click on the photos for the details to make them!





Favorite Easter Outfit- Lace and pastels are the perfect accent to a spring holiday



Favorite Easter Activity- Who doesn’t love a game of Wiffleball when the sun is shining and all of your family is around!


Favorite Easter Gift- I love this song so much, and this would have been the perfect gift to get for Dave (of course to put up in my house). 



Happy Friday and have a great Easter 🙂


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