Party Planning, Printic & Pinterest!



Three of my most favorite things, and they go together so perfectly. If you have been following along with my blog for the past several weeks, you know about my latest endeavor to become an event planner, and of course Pinterest has a big role in my inspiration. While I don’t believe in totally taking things from Pinterest, I love to see what other people have done and reference photos to clients and recommend changes. Printic also helps with this because I can bring the photos into real life. There is something about actually being able to touch something.

Pinterest has an endless supply of inspiration for everything. Starting with clothes and crafts and ending up on food and fun drinks. Whenever I think of something, I check Pinterest first to see if anybody has posted about it yet. I also find that it is a great way to get your business out there. I can’t wait to get all of my images on Pinterest, and hopefully inspire others!

The planning aspect is a real life version of Pinterest for me. I have inspiration boards that I pin photos to and write notes all around them. This gives me a space that I can always reference as I am going through the process of planning an event. I love to use Printic to print inspiration photos because they look like a polaroid and I can write notes on the bottom. If I already know what notes to take, I can add them to the photo before it is sent to me. The photos are sent to me with free shipping, and for a great price. It’s more unique than having photos printed through Walmart and they are delivered in a cute box if you order 50 or more.

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