What The Heck Starts With “X”?

For the letter “X” I couldn’t think of anything that made me happy beginning with that letter. Instead of posting about something that begins with “X” I am posting about ex’s, not just ex-boyfriends, but ex-jobs, ex-anything. There is a positive reason for everything being a part of your past and not your future, and I want to get into some of those things.

Lets start with the obvious, Ex-Boyfriend(s). This is the most clear to me, they are ex’s (is it exes or ex’s?…oh well, sorry grammatically awesome peeps) for a reason. I now have the most amazing boyfriend, and never would have gave him a second glance if I had a boyfriend when we met. Although, I was mostly happy while I was with an ex, I am glad they are in the past now.

Ex-cars- I’ve had two. My first love/car/travel buddy/car pool agent which was my Jeep. My grandparents gave me their Jeep for my 16th birthday, and it couldn’t have been more perfect. I loved that car. It has all the extras that were available in the late 90’s ie. sunroof, cd player, controls on the steering wheel, leather heated seats, etc. I would have easily kept it forever if it didn’t start shaking uncontrollably every time I hit a bump on the highway. Charlie (my Jeep) was donated to cash for clunkers about 5 years ago, and I moved on. crying. My 2nd car was a brand new Chevy Cobalt. It was a pretty cool car, with a sunroof, and got me from here to there. Although, I learned quickly that I didn’t enjoy having two doors. Especially when I drove everywhere. But then I was in an accident when the Macebalt was 2 years old, and I moved on to my Chevy Cruze (LOVE it! but it isn’t a Jeep).

Ex-jobs- I’ve only had 5-6, but about 3 of them meant something. My first job was at a snowball stand in my neighborhood. I really enjoyed making my own snowballs packed with marshmallow. I eventually decided I wanted a job a step higher, and started working for the Water Sports rental company that I have mentioned before. I loved both of these jobs and learned so much. I am lucky to have an extrovert type personality because all I did was talk to customers. The only problem I ever had was when a customer threw lit matches at my in the snowball stand. Besides that, I wouldn’t change anything about my childhood jobs.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about how “exes” can help to mold you to who you are today!


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