Young, Wild & Free

As I get older, I sometimes get the feeling that I need to stop doing things I did when I was younger. Thinking about this reminds me of all of the posts I see referring to telling your younger self what not to do as you grew up. Like every one else, I made plenty of mistakes, and I still make them to this day, but I wouldn’t necessarily change all that much. Becoming who you are, and finding out about yourself is a part of the process, but so is holding onto those memories and making new ones.

For starters, when I turned 21 I was going out a lot. Every weekend, and several times a week. I was losing money, sleep, and time by doing this, but I have so many memories from it. I didn’t do anything stupid like go home with a random guy, or throw up in the bar bathroom (okay, unfortunately that last part may have happened) but I was semi-smart about my decisions while I was out. The most important thing was that I was with my friends, they wouldn’t let me be too wild and crazy, but we sure did have fun.

Another thing my young self did that I would continue to do over and over was jump the fence at the Towson University baseball stadium and run out onto the field (on the walk back to Allison or Dave’s from said bars above). The first time I did this was after a music festival and Dave and I were going back uptown to find Allison. This was before we were dating and I felt the need to impress him so when he said jump the fence and run, I did. The second time I did this was right at the very beginning of our relationship, Dave told me to jump the fence and he would meet me at the pitchers mound. The sprinklers started going off as he ran behind me, swooped me up and kissed me. Best. Kiss. Ever. Doing that small amount of trespassing will stay in my head forever, so young Macy, go on with ya bad self!

One of the best yet less wild memories I have from being younger, is going to my grandparents for Family Dinner every Wednesday evening. We still do this, but if it ever were to stop or if I were to move away, I want to remember this. Don’t give up any time with your family to do another activity. It could be going out with friends, going to a movie, studying, anything. Nothing is more important than those few hours of family time.

So looking back, yes I have plenty of mistakes under my belt, but I would want my younger self to do a lot of the same things. I am pretty happy with who I am now, and I think that has a lot to do with it.


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4 thoughts on “Young, Wild & Free

  1. UM…you are a saint! ๐Ÿ™‚ I have some wild days behind me and I’m so thankful for them as well. Life is so mellow but exciting in it’s own way now. Hey, if you haven’t jumped fences, you haven’t lived, right?

    • compared to some others I’m sure it seems that way. I’ll keep my dirty laundry away from here for now haha. But life is all about the experiences!!

  2. Completely agree – there’s some stuff I *might* do differently if I could time travel, but I don’t regret a thing… maybe a few shots when I had to work the next morning, but that’s it ๐Ÿ˜‰

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