What’s Up, Life?

Now that I have my Bloglovin’ feed down to 300 from over 500, I feel like It’s okay for me to write this post. I always like to catch up with my favorite blogs before I start my posts for the day, unless I have some crazy inspiration. I am going to take this time to update you all on my life from the past few weeks and I’ll throw in some pictures. I have literally not had a chance to do anything between work, work, extra work and trying to sleep. But I am getting everything managed, and can’t wait to share my next few posts with you all!

So here we go in the past 20 some odd days I have-

cut my hair

dyed my hair

celebrated a few birthdays

had several margaritas

did something crazy super exciting that I can’t share with anyone yet (I hate secrets)

went to a Lego Convention

saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (my favorite super hero is Spider-Man, and I think this was my favorite movie yet!)

worked the Towson Festival

and the most exciting thing so far this year…helped to welcome one of my best friends little guys into the world! I am so excited for her and her fiance, baby Nathan is adorable and amazing. I am so blessed to call him my nephew.










and now I need to go change my nail polish.




10 thoughts on “What’s Up, Life?

  1. BUSY lady!! LOVE it! OK, that baby shot and the blue shots both have me excited! lol. I would LOVE to go to a Lego convention! How did you help with the baby? Were you there for the delivery? Looks like you were at least pretty close! I just got home from our first delivery class! AH!! Feeling real!!! ….and I want a margarita. DOH!

    • I was right outside of the room while my friend was in labor. The hospital she was in was very limiting for who could be in the room. I’ve been in the room with my mom twice though, so I know the whole experience now. It’s so amazing! A mix of emotions, but look what you get in the end, a beautiful baby that is all YOURS!! I got to go in when he was 20 minutes old, and fell in love! Something the hospital did was make it mandatory for the baby to lay on his moms chest for a whole hour after he is born. It helped with his temperature and he didn’t cry one time!

    • How about I move to California!! I really would love to see you while I am there in October. I’ll be there from October 10th-November 6th! Mostly in San Francisco, but I am hoping for some weekend trips to LA!

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