April Brings May Plans & A Giveaway!!

As we get further into May, my summer plans are quickly adding up. As always I booked myself solid for weekends in May. This brings me to my new blogging schedule, I plan on blogging about 4 times during the week, but not on weekends. It is time to enjoy my time with friends and family, and tell ya all about it on Monday!

The full calendar for this month started with last weekend and working the Towson Festival. In Baltimore this is a pretty big event with about 200,000 visitors over two days. The past 3 years I have worked this event for my good friends company, who also happens to be my first real boss. It’s a fun time, with lots of terrible for you but greasingly (that is probably not a word, but oh well) amazing food. After working 9am-8pm Saturday night, Nathan was born! I couldn’t even sleep that night I was so excited about his arrival.

So onto this weekend, I’ll finally be seeing Bastille LIVE (insert tears of happiness here), I have been in love with them for about a year and a half and couldn’t be more excited to see them in person. Altogether, sweetlife fest has an amazing lineup. If it doesn’t rain (or maybe even if it does) it should be a great time with some good friends and awesome jams. The Mothers Day is Sunday, and it happens to be my sister 16th birthday! I don’t think I will really want to celebrate Mothers Day when I am a mother because I feel the same way about it that I do Valentines Day, you should tell people you love them daily and through random acts of kindness. But my mom says I will think differently, we’ll see. I’m pretty sure I have a few years.

The weekend after next I will be getting my wine on at Wine in the Woods with mine and Dave’s families! I am so excited to a nice relaxing day hanging out with everyone, drinking bottles of wine and throwing in some cheese. Wine in the Woods is an awesome event that brings in hundreds of vendors and we get to taste them all, and buy whatever bottles we like for a discounted price. Sunday, Dave is doing the Roc Race with some of our friends, it’s basically a race from the set of the show Wipeout. It looks like so much fun, but I just couldn’t bring myself to spend $80 to do it. I’ll watch from the sidelines, drink in hand.

Memorial Day weekend is then fast approaching and it’s another full one, but hey with 3 days off, I will take it! I will be babysitting Saturday into Sunday morning, but then we will head to Winchester to visit our favorite little girls! I love visiting with Richard and Rachel, they are so similar to us but married with a gorgeous house and two amazing daughters. I hope to have that one day, and I also hope it is closer than 3 hours away from them! Rich and Rach are having a party/Birthday shenanigans for Rachel’s birthday and it includes fireworks on Sunday evening…MY FAVORITE!!!

The last weekend of May Dave and I are taking a trip to the Shenandoah Valley with one of my other favorite couples. I have never been, but I hear it is amazing. We booked this trip several months ago through a timeshare, so we will see how that goes. This will be the first for me without my parents, and I am hoping it goes smooth and fast so I can get back to tanning and laying on the boat.

There ya have it, my May agenda and reasoning for no more weekend posts. June looked pretty empty until about 2 days ago, when 4 trips were added to the calendar. All in one month!

Do you have any big summer plans? Well if you do I bet a pretty new Kate Spade purse would fit right in! I have teamed up Jade & Oak and some other amazing ladies to give you the chance to make that dream come true! Enter via the rafflecopter below for your chance!

April giveaway

Jackie – Jade and Oak | Amanda – Happily Ever After | Lisa – Ameliorer la Vie | Elizabeth – Me Undeniably | Jenn – hello, rigby!

Sarah – Seriously, Sarah? | Macy – To Travel & Beyond | Kelsey – Ladies in Navy | Mal – Lazy Boleyn

Jordyn – The Fairy Princess Diaries | Kelly – Six One Six | Christina – Happy or Else | Ashten – Always Ashten
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4 thoughts on “April Brings May Plans & A Giveaway!!

  1. Yay for the giveaway!! OMG you are so wonderfully engaged in life! I love volunteer events. So gratifying! They say having lots of plans to look forward to truly attributes to happiness! Great job and inspirational!

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