May Memories

Here I am back to being 700 posts behind on Bloglovin’ but I had such a wonderful weekend that I don’t even mind. I have some fun posts coming up this week, but for now a weekend wrap up. Friday-late Sunday was spent with mine and Dave’s families and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! I am so thankful to be able to see my family so much and celebrate all of life’s biggest moments with them. This weekend was much needed since I will be away for most of June, it was about time Spring and Summer finally seem to be in full swing.

My amazing, beautiful, talented, generous, loving sister turned Sweet 16 on Mother’s Day and her party was this past Friday. Let me tell you, it was a blast! About 40 people came to the party to celebrate by eating, hanging out and dancing. If anybody deserved such an awesome party, it’s my sister. She has become my best friend in the last few years, and it was so nice being able to show her how many people love her.

emily 5 emily 3 emily 4 emily 2 Emily

Saturday was one of my favorite days of the year…Wine in the Woods!! My mom won tickets to this last year and we had such a fun time, we decided to invite the whole family this year. There were so many vendors, with the most amazing wines you could ever ask for and you got to sample every single one! We had to take several breaks throughout the day. Me and good ol’ Jeanboh (my mom) have now made it a tradition to sneak into the VIP tent and get all the goodies and awesome food that we can, and bring it back out for everyone. I was always very excited to bring home some of my favorite wines that local liquor stores don’t carry.

wine 4wine 2wine

Even though all of us were exhausted from the previous 2 days, we went to watch Dave, his brother and my neighbor run in the Roc Race. I didn’t participate because its was $80, but next time it comes around, you bet I will be running it. It’s practically a real life version of the TV show Wipeout. Some of the obstacles looked so fun, and the energy of participants was awesome. I must admit though, it was still fun watching from the sidelines. People wear the craziest costumes!

wine 3

I was sad to not end my weekend with Once Upon A Time, but was fine with going to sleep early after 3 nonstop days.

How was your weekend?


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