A Little About Me

baby macy

I read this post on Jenn’s blog and figured I would give it a go. I haven’t done an “about me” post in several months, so it seems that now if the time for a few questions.

Would your rather make more money or get more vacation time?

This is so difficult to answer. I would rather have more vacation time, but making more money would allow me to go on bigger vacations, however, not necessarily better. I will go with more vacation time. I am pretty good at making money last while on vacation.Would you rather meet your ancestors or your great-grandchildren?

Great-grandchildren. I am blessed enough to have met all but three of my great grandparents, so it would be pretty cool to meet my future great-grandchildren now.
Would you rather be lost in a desert or at sea?

As long as I am on a large enough boat, at sea. With lots of tanning lotion, drinks and books.

Would you rather be able to eat anything you wanted forever or get rid of all your fears?

Eat whatever I wanted forever, as long as I can be healthy while doing it. Although my fears are irrational, spiders, I don’t feel the need to be rid of them.

Would you rather take a vacation to a city or the beach?

Right now, beach. I really need my beach in my life because I have been in a city for the past 2 weeks.
Would you rather be an amazing cook or an amazing dancer?
Dancer! I am decent at cooking, but I don’t enjoy it. I miss dancing so much and I really wish I would have stuck with it when I was a teenager.
Would you rather always be a little too hot or a little too cold?
a little too hot! I can’t stand being cold, which is almost all of the time. The only time it’s okay is when I have a warm blanket to cuddle in.

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