Biggest Regrets

One of my main goals in life is to not have regrets. There will always be the “I wish I didn’t” kinda things, like kiss that guy, buy that dress, take that selfie, etc. In the end all of those little things shape you into how you grow and learn. Mistakes are meant to happen and they will continue to happen throughout life. Accepting all of those things has been a problem for me, and I am finally starting to learn to deal with them.

I am so thankful for where I am in life between starting my own business, being happy and settled in my position at work, planning new adventures with Dave, and being around my family, I am incredibly happy. I know that these things may not be the way they are without every other moment that has passed in my life so far. But even though I try not to regret things there are two kind of silly things that I do regret.

1. The time I walked right past Zac Efron, froze and couldn’t say a thing to him. He was joking around with the valet, I noticed him, did a double take and tried not to faint. My mom is still upset I didn’t point him out to her so she could have forced me to say something.

2. This just happened a few days ago when I was in Las Vegas. I was walking alone through the MGM and who walks by me? Johnny Depp! THE Johnny Depp walked right past me. My heart sank, I practically stopped breathing, and started to follow him a little bit. Everyone around was noticing him as well, but nobody said anything. He went into the side door of a restaurant and I stood still for probably 5 minutes. I called my mom, and again she told me I am crazy for not saying anything.

I would say having these two things are my biggest regrets is pretty good (or bad, however you look at it). I am going to play these moments through my head continually forever.

Do you have any silly regrets like mine?




4 thoughts on “Biggest Regrets

    • Thank you!! I am trying to remember everything happens for a reason, and some of the big times that could be regrets really are just smaller not as awesome “moments”.

  1. I love that both of your big life regrets are not talking to celebrities. At least they’re not like, “I wish I went to college!”

    There was only one time my boyfriend went out without me when we lived in Istanbul. He went out to buy me a Christmas present and do you know who he ran into? Liam. Freaking. Neeson. He talked to him for a minute, gave him a restaurant recommendation, and DIDN’T TAKE HIS PICTURE. Heartbroken. I love me some Liam Neeson.

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