It’s MACY, Just Like The Store

Today, I have a little bit of a rant about something that has always bothered me, but it seems to happen more and more as I get older. Spelling my name. Is Macy that hard to say, spell, or shorten? I don’t have many pet peeves, but my name is totally easy peasy so how do so many people get it wrong? It makes me realize how uninterested people are in fully reading something or paying complete attention.

For example, I send out a ton of emails in one day. 1 out of 10 replies my name is spelled wrong. Most of the time it’s my first name and people call me Mary…I guess that is a little similar, but come on, Macy isn’t that unknown these days. Another thing with my first name is shortening it, it already is only 4 letters long, do you need to make it 3? Mac is either make-up or a burger, I am neither. If you want to give me a nickname please add an E and say Mace. I actually love being called Mace, it makes me feel closer to someone and shows a friendship, however mac makes me want to hit ya in the head with the burger you just called me.

My last name is also a super bummer when it comes to misspellings. I’m sure if I saw somebody else with my last name I wouldn’t know how to say it either, but I would know that it ISN’T Gutter-Mouth. So please, please, man behind the computer screen stop misreading my last name, it’s offensive.

I normally don’t come here to complain about things or show what grinds my gears, but the more it happens the more I feel the need to express my feelings, so I did my best to keep it short. Does this happen to anyone but me? Anyways…on to better things, like thinking about how my last name will be changing soon anyways 😀




6 thoughts on “It’s MACY, Just Like The Store

    • I love your blog name, I could see the confusion, but for anyone that has followed you for a bit should realize. And obviously, you wouldn’t be doing something “because of” yourself :p

    • It is so frustrating at times. I get it with my last name all the time too…I am so sick of saying it’s NOT GutterMOUTH!

      If only I owned them! I would be living the dream haha

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