It’s Monday again, and as the story goes, weekends should be much longer. Luckily, I had a great weekend to hold me over until Friday. This weekend I will be spending time with my bff, her husband, his sister and most of our friends. I am so excited to be reunited again and make more memories. Our friendship began when I had just turned 21 and Allison was always up for a night out. We made so many memories the winter, spring, summer, etc since my birthday and it was terrible to see it end once she moved to Paris. Thankfully, we have more fun to look forward to in a few days, even if it just for a weekend.

When Allison still lived in America her now husband, would come and visit often, every time he was here we would all cheers to him being in America. Now that there are three visiting from France, we are able to do triple the shots! It is a tradition we enjoy carrying on, and we even had some shots when Dave and I were in France. We will be going to an awesome bar by Dave’s house in Federal Hill called No Idea, where they have amazing pre-game specials. Think $9 all you can drink for 4 hours…actually don’t just think it, do it, because that’s what it is and it is awesome. Who knows what we will get into afterwards.

Anyways, the reason for this post..this past weekend. Friday after work Dave and I headed down to Soloman’s Island where Dave’s parents live. I have been there several times, but we have never had the chance to really explore and relax because we normally go for a planned event. I was really excited to be doing something different this time and not going off of any sort of schedule.

Friday evening we got dinner on the island, and it was amazing. My first recommendation if you are ever in Solomans Island, MD is to get the rockfish bites from The Pier. so. good. My mouth is watering for them right now. It was great to see where Dave worked growing up, and see some of his friends that I hasn’t met yet. Everywhere we went, Dave knew somebody.

Saturday morning was spent relaxing and helping with a few things around the house. In the afternoon we decided to go to Running Hare winery, we had such a fun time. The winery looks like it is straight out of an Italian movie, the vineyards go on forever, there is an adorable chalet at the top of a hill, and there was a setup for a wedding! As we did a wine tasting, I was talking about how I need 800 wine corks for the wedding, being the amazing FiancĂ© that he is, Dave asked our server after I left the table. What do ya know, they save them for brides…and guess what…I am a Bride! We got a bag of about 80, only 720 more to go! I think my family, Dave’s mom and my bridesmaids can pull that off in just a few months.

Saturday Evening we went back down to the island to meet up with some other friends and have some drinks by the water. We got the coolest bucket drinks, there are 4 recipes around the bucket measuring different alcohol’s and juices to make drinks, I had to get another because they were so neat. I decided to call it a night a little early since we had lots of moving to do on Sunday.

We got up a bit early (okay, 9ish is early for me on a weekend), packed up and homeward bound we went. Sunday was spent making a plan for Dave to start moving his things into my house! I can’t believe my house is about to become our house. It is so exciting, yet a bit nerve racking because it seems that I have A LOT of stuff. I also am a memory “hoarder” as Dave calls it. I keep everything that reminds me of something, and that is a total problem. It took me a good 3 hours to go through everything in my room so we could being the process of rearranging.

We decided how to move the furniture, and also decided that I have to get rid of my favorite thing in my room, my “getting ready” dresser. I always wanted one of the dressers with a mirror above it, and I finally got one 3 years ago while I was working at IKEA, I also got a great deal on it. But knowing I couldn’t keep it, I listed it on a yard sale Facebook page, and it will be in it’s new home in a few days. There are so many people interested it’s crazy!

Once we had all of the current furniture where it needed to be, we decided we needed something for Dave to put in the bottom of his closet, and off to IKEA we went. It worked out perfectly because we hadn’t had dinner yet, and we both love their meatballs. Dinner and shopping? perfect. I know we will be making several trips back there within the next few weeks, but I’m not complaining.

I still feel like my house in turned upside down but it is slowly getting put back together, I just need to be able to squeeze in yoga a little bit more. I also had my first mini breakdown about our wedding today, but more about that on Wednesday!


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20140729-123648-45408664.jpg20140729-123650-45410544.jpg20140729-123652-45412347.jpg My Living Room has turned into a storage unit




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