Wedding Wednesday {Bring on the Worries}

laughingI’ve been engaged for just about a month now, and still don’t have anything set in stone about our wedding details. I never thought I would be 10(ish) months away from my wedding and have nothing 100% contracted yet. I have had a overall idea for my wedding since I was younger, I’ve known the perfect venue for months, I have had the perfect guy for two years, and I have have my planner and notebooks all setup, yet things aren’t happening how I envisioned.

My planner brain is starting to freak out a bit, but I still have everything under control and I know the deadline for things to be done. Heck, one of my friends planned her entire wedding in 2 weeks, 10.5 months will be no problem.

While the venue is still in limbo, some other things are starting to fall into place, I’ll outline the worries and then the fixes!

Worry- The invitations I love are $11 each!

Fix- Dave is a Graphic Designer, and he fully planned on designing our invitations (I didn’t know this until we talked about it last week). We both agreed on the style we would like to have and how he plans on designing them, and decided to send the file off to a print shop and see what the pricing would be. Well, I got the quote back yesterday and it is around $300! We will have to assemble everything, but I am so excited to not be spending $1,200 on invitations!

Worry- I have zero idea what style of wedding dress I want.

Fix- I finally made an appointment to try on dresses! My entourage and I will be going to David’s Bridal first, and then going to an amazing boutique once I know what I am looking for.

Worry- We haven’t figured out the plan for engagement pictures

Fix- We decided on locations, photographers and some props. We still need to figure out attire, hair, etc and a date but we are 3 steps closer!

Worry- Engagement Party details

Fix- I finally found a dress for our engagement party! We haven’t decided on a date yet, but at least I know I will have a dress!

Worry- What if something happens to my ring?

Fix- I finally called the insurance company to have my ring insured, as well as add Dave to my renters insurance plan, since adding these two my car insurance went down, thanks Geico!


Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Wedding Wednesday




10 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday {Bring on the Worries}

  1. Don’t stress at all! I am about 2 months away and I still have a lot to do, but I know it’ll get done. I bet everything will be perfect! I am so happy you were able to figure out less expensive invites. I was really happy when we did too!

  2. Everything is going to be great!! The wedding invites savings is wonderful!! We went with Wedding Paper Divas and it was so much cheaper than I ever thought & I absolutely adored our invites!!

  3. i’m less than 2 months from my wedding and still have lots to do so don’t stress. just make a list of the things you want to do each month/week and slowly attack it. have fun with it!

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