Welcome back, Monday. I still don’t like you. As I mentioned last week, I was very excited for this past weekend because so many of our friends were getting together all at the same time! As life continues to happen, it gets harder to get everyone together, especially when two of our group of friends lives in France!

Friday evening we all gathered at Dave’s house and had a wonderful get together before heading out in Baltimore. It was perfect timing because some of our friends were leaving at 4am to head to South Carolina for the week, Allison only had Friday open in between things while she is in America, and others have crazy work schedules that we hardly get to have 4 of us together let alone all 20 of us. We had so much fun, and I am so thankful for each and every one of my friends! I am glad we were able to have a great time together like we used to!










Saturday and Sunday were spent cleaning, grocery shopping, and cooking. We also talked about our budget and figured out exactly what we need to be saving each month for the wedding. We are currently at $1,000 in our wedding account, and need $15,000 in the next 10 months, I think we can do it! I will need to stay off of Amazon and Etsy and never walk into Target alone, but it is possible. I will also have to say goodbye to Starbucks for the next several months, no Target and Starbucks means I am heartbroken, but our wedding and honeymoon will be so worth it!

We feel like real adults right now, Dave even asked me if a festival I was telling him about was “for young people”, are we not young anymore?

Besides doing those adult things we managed to make some time to see Guardians of the Galaxy, which is awesome and I highly recommend seeing it. The one entertainment thing we both wanted to include in our budget was MoviePass, which is an app that you pay $30 a month for and you can see a movie everyday with no extra fees. Since movies are a big thing for us we decided it was worth it for $60 a month as long as we are limiting everything else, and we will not buy any snacks in the theatre unless we have Stubs rewards.

All in all we had a great start to the weekend and a mostly relaxing end, I would be fine with weekends going this way for a while!


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6 thoughts on “Weekending!

  1. How fun! I seriously need to come to Baltimore after we’re both married on a trip! I am so sad about saving and trying so hard to not spend a ton in Target but it’ll be worth it! We decided to wait on the honeymoon only because we are getting married so quickly after getting engaged and paying for a lot ourselves. I know you can do it that’s the perfect amount of time to save!!

    • You do!! We would have so much fun exploring all around, and we are so close to DC that a day trip would be perfect.

      I totally understand about the honeymoon, we discussed waiting but eventually decided just to do it. We have practically everything we need for our house so the biggest thing on our registry will be our Honeymoon. With a guest list as huge (wahhhh) as ours, we needed gift options haha

  2. Good for you guys for sitting down and figuring out your budget and savings!! Those type of skills will be so helpful for when you are actually married… well done, girlfriend! But Target… for real – don’t go in alone!! 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you! I totally thought we would have at least a tiny argument about it but we didn’t! It was really nice knowing we are on the exact same page, traveling and our wedding are more important than other things for now. I’m sure it will be worth it, but I will realllyyyy miss target!

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