Wedding Wednesday {Bridesmaids!}

I am so happy to finally talk about our Bridesmaids and how I asked them! I knew exactly how I wanted to do this way back in the winter when we started looking for rings. I had several things pinned with ideas on how to ask each special gal in my life, but I also wanted it to be something special from me to them. I started with the box itself, and worked my way from there.

I got wooden boxes from AC Moore, bleached wood stain, felt, and scrapbook paper to make them look exactly the way I wanted them too. It was so cool putting all of these boxes together, I was getting more and more excited each one I completed. I am a terrible blogger and forgot to get pictures of the process, and I forgot to get pictures of each box but here are the ones I have!Β image_4-1


Asking BM CardEach box had either their initial or a symbol on the top, a photo, champagne that said “Will You Sip By My Side”, Essie Mint Candy Apple polish that said “You are Mint-To-Be my Bridesmaid”, and a rope bracelet with an anchor that said “Help Me Tie The Knot”. Dave also designed the perfect card to ask all of my girls to be a part of our big day.


image-4My Maid-of-Honor is my sister, Emily. I also included a mint shirt in her box that said Maid-of-Honor, and she gets a coke since she is only 16, I’ll enjoy her champagne. I am so thankful to have a little sister that is so excited to be a part of our big day. It means a lot to me that I have somebody to turn to every time I get stressed, or need help with something.

Now about the Bridesmaids!


Meghan is my cousin who has lived next door to me since she was 3 years old. We have grown up together and I wouldn’t have it any other way than her standing with me on my wedding day.image-1


My best friend, Allison thankfully accepted and is planing on coming all the way from France to celebrate the big day with us. We became friends as soon as we met, and have so many memories from the first 2 years of being in the same country. Allison is such a wonderful friend to both Dave and I and we are so excited that her and her husband will be here.img_3208


Sometimes people say that you are forced to be friends with your significant others friends, and while Rachel is Dave’s best friends wife she instantly became one of my best friends. I know that I can go to her at any time and she will help me through anything, I am SO grateful for our friendship and she is honestly one of the best people I will ever meet.


I have known Jenn since 9th grade and we have been through it all together. During the highs and lows of everyday life we have stuck through it all. Jenn is the strongest person I know and such an amazing person inside and out. She is also getting married 3 weeks before me! Going through this planning journey together is going to be so much fun, and the anticipation for both of our weddings grows daily!


Kaity and I have been friends since 8th grade. We have taken part in countless shenanigans during the 10 years of our friendship and I have no doubt that will continue. This girl even got me to love cats, but never as much as she does. I am so thankful to have Kaity along for this journey with me.


My Bridesmaid-of-Honor, Brittney. We met about 2 years ago and once she moved to Maryland from California we have gotten really close. Brittney was just married last year and knows all of the in’s and out’s to everything I am dealing with (even the venue problems…booo) so I am incredibly thankful to have her assisting me with all of my crazy questions.

Thank you all for accepting the challenge, and I can’t wait to constantly be around all of you nor the next 10 months πŸ˜‰





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