You’re Free, Genie

I wasn’t going to write this post because so many people already have, but it has really been pulling on my heartstrings, so I am going to write it anyways. Most of us were affected by the death of Robin Williams. It was unexpected, I thought it was one of those silly internet hoaxes at first, I had really hoped it was. Growing up in the early 90’s, Robin Williams was a large part of my childhood, into adulthood.

Aladdin came out a year after I was born, and it is one of the first Disney movies I remember watching. I was probably about 3, and I loved the songs and the flying carpet the most. I also thought my mom was Genie because her name is Jeanne. I also distinctly remember Flubber, I watched that movie over and over again. It was such a funny movie, and I of course wanted a Flubber of my own. Looking back on these movies that captured my imagination and have stuck in my memory since I was so young, make me all the more sad about the loss of Robin Williams.

I could see how being in the public eye can cause even more agony on a daily basis. When your sole job is to make people laugh, but it’s so hard on yourself. Celebrities need a break too, but they just can’t get it. I am the first to admit that I follow reality TV and tabloid magazines, but it breaks my heart to think about such personal matters being such public knowledge.  Is it just me or does the media push way to far into personal lives when it involves death? The reasoning behind his death could help others, but do we need to know how exactly it happened? Does the public need to invade the families privacy in such ways? Right on Robin Williams’ Wikipedia page it says his cause of death, why must that be there? The media should pay tribute to the great man that he is instead of allowing the public into such a personal situation.

Depression IS a disease. I won’t even link to the post I read from Walsh two days ago about it being a spiritual thing. Walsh obviously has never really known someone fighting the battle of depression. It can make the happiest person do a complete 180, and some can hid it so well. It isn’t something people chose to live with, who would chose to live with the constant agony of thinking you aren’t good enough, being chronically sad, feeling completely worthless to everyone around you? It is something we can work towards helping, we can’t heal it, but there are ways to make someone realize they mean something to you, even if for just a second.

I have never personally dealt with depression, I can’t even imagine how somebody can, yet so many people do. So many people fight the suicidal thoughts on a daily basis, and you will never know about them. We, myself included, need to stop judging, bullying, name calling, gossiping, and so on. We need to be there for each other, stop holding grudges, and start helping in times of weakness. I am guilty of all of these things, even a simple eye roll to someone could ruin their entire day. I hope in the wake of this great loss people can realize how to get through to others instead of knocking them down. I know it has been a wake-up call for myself.

If you or anyone you know is battling Depression, let them know that you are there. Encourage them to write their thoughts in a journal to get the anger and sadness out. Remind them that people do care and help can always be found.

You never know what somebody is going through, so get to know them instead of insulting them. Maybe all that one person needs is a friend. I wonder if Robin Williams knew just how many people would be affected by his death, if he still would have taken the step to end his life. I will remember him as I remember my childhood, and I can’t wait to show my children his movies one day. It is going to be heartbreaking to see the movies about to come out that star him, he will make more and more people laugh as we watch and now we know he was dying inside.

Robin Williams Behind The Mask

Dave found this image yesterday and it broke my heart, what a wonderful man he seemed to be.

Rest in peace Mrs. Doubtfire.




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