Wedding Wednesday {10 months!}

Have I mentioned that I love Wedding Wednesday? Yes? Well….again…I love Wedding Wednesday. I really enjoy reading what everyone shares about their wedding, and also catching others up about where we are in our wedding planning journey so far.

I can’t believe that (hopefully) 10 months from today I will be walking down the isle to marry my best friend. 10 MONTHS! And what do I have done so far…hardly anything. The whole venue situation is really making me nervous, and literally giving me nightmares. I hate when things are out of my control and I need to wait on others to get things together before I can move forward on something. We found out that the zoning is wrong for the venue and now things are in the hands of politicians. grrr.

While I wait for those things to work themselves out, I have been looking at other venues and don’t exactly love any of them. After working in the industry for 3 years I have seen practically all of the water front venues, and nothing has totally caught my eye. I’ll keep looking, but maybe things will finally be sorted out soon.

One thing I can almost check off my list is finding a caterer. We have a tasting in September and I have already met the head chef, she is really nice, super willing to customize things, and she is fun! I want all of the vendors to be more than a vendor during our wedding day and I would love them to enjoy the experience.

Something I need to add back to my list is engagement pictures. Our photographer had something come up and we are now scrambling to find another one. We had a great deal on ours, but we may have to suck it up and pay more but it needs to get done. I know in the end it will be worth it, but our budget is so tight at this point I wish we could wait a little longer.

Our engagement party invitations went out this week, and according to our wedding checklists we should have already have a registry. We didn’t, so when our engagement pictures were cancelled we decided to head to Target instead. We don’t really need many things since we already live together, but we do have some wants. We are also working on getting a honeymoon registry together, which I might rather people buy from instead of  a new set of knives or some bath towels, but it is nice to have both.

I have heard horror stories about making a registry, so I made sure we were having a nice dinner with friends afterwards (Crab Tuesday!). When we started going down the kitchen accessories aisle we may have started bickering a littler about the difference between wants and needs. That was quickly figured out and everything after went pretty well! There are few things we need, but there are several things we would like to have so we added those as well. Dave also thought it would be funny to add an XBOX One, but that was deleted ASAP. Sorry, Dave.

Between all of the things we don’t have finished, I am trying to get some small things finished. Such as the 800 wine corks we are collecting, I started purchasing all 3 (or 4) types of our guest favors, and we have started our music list! I am pretty excited for our grand entrance song.

Hopefully, great news to come next week!

IMG_9775.JPGIMG_9778.JPGIMG_9781.JPGWedding Wednesday






10 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday {10 months!}

  1. Registering can be so overwhelming, but definitely put wants down! We didn’t need towels or serving dishes, but we are SO happy that we registered for them so that when guests come over we have nice/grown-up things to use! Have fun registering – and doing it online after being in the store is fun (and less overwhelming), too!

    • haha yes! The grown-up things are what I have to keep saying that we need. I would love to have people over to stay more often, so we need those items to make them feel comfortable and not like they are visiting a dorm room.

  2. Ahh! So exciting! Just remember to breathe through it all. I remember how crazy wedding planning can get, but in the end, you get to marry the love of your life so try to keep that in the back of your mind! It helped me!

    • After going over things this weekend, I am much less stressed. Everything with the venue is out of my hands, so I just need to keep my fingers crossed and hope I am able to do a little dance of excitement from hearing good news soon 🙂

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