Have a Little Faith

A few weeks ago I was on my way to lunch and some guy totally cut me off on the parking lot. I was so incredibly mad that I parked far away from the restaurant I was going to because I didn’t want to park near him, for lack of restraining myself from yelling at him. I wouldn’t have normally been this mad, but I was driving Dave’s car (which he loves more than he loves me), it had just started pouring down rain, and I was already having a bad day. So I parked 2 stores over, and sat in the car for a few minutes. When I got out of the car the guy that almost killed me  hit me was not walking into the restaurant but towards me. 

He walked over, stuck her hand out to me to shake, and told me how sorry he was and he didn’t realize he was so close and blah blah blah. I already felt a little better, said it was no problem and walked into the restaurant (it’s raining, remember). I was basically over it and then he said sorry again once he walked in, again I said no worries, and honestly I was over it. He was being really nice about it, made me feel a little bad for the times I have cut somebody off and never said sorry.

I grabbed a seat and waited for my friend to arrive, and a few minutes later the waitress walks over and hands me a gift card. She said “the guy that almost hit your car wanted to buy you lunch”. WHAT! That was seriously so sweet and it made the rest of my day that much better. Who knew that the jerk I was just cursing at in my head would turn around and make my entire day. It was a really nice gesture, and a wonderful free lunch. Props to you, dude.

So in the end, it was a lesson in patience and having some faith in the people of this world. Not everybody out there is a bad guy.






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