Hopes & Plans {2}

Monday, Monday, Monday, why must you be so close to the weekend, but also so far!

I had a great friends and family filled weekend and I was especially sad to see it end; however, I am going to the beach this weekend so I am happy that is a few days closer.

I am linking up again with Marry Mint for Hopes & Plans, and here is a reminder of my plans from last week, and an update to them!

1| Clean Eating- I have started using the meal plan from the 21-Day Fix again, and I have been doing really well sticking to it! I am going to do my best to 99.9% stick with it for the next 26 days until we leave for Jamaica! I have kept up with this and am getting closer to my goal for Jamaica, I will hopefully be posting my results and have reached my goal by next Friday!

2 | Finish Our Bedroom- We are pretty much done rearranging and moving all of Dave’s things in to the house, but a few areas need some final touches. My main goal this week is to have our bedroom finished. We need to hang some shelves, get a cord management system, and get rid of my old side table. NONE of this was finished. Talk about a let-down. We were pretty busy last week, and in the end neither of us felt like dealing with this, so we didn’t. Better luck this week?

3 | Engagement Pictures- We were supposed to have this half finished last week, but the Maryland weather is nuts this summer and it stormed all day long. Because of that we now have pictures tomorrow and Thursday, I am so excited to finally have these done! We are going to have one more shoot later in the month on the beach, and then we will be able to pick our Save The Dates. Another Rain delay 😦

hopes & Plans

This week I am going to keep the same three from last week, as well as add three more Hopes & Plans!

1| Clean Eating- Continue with this! Only 18 days until Jamaica!

2 | Finish Our Bedroom- Like I said last week, cord management, hang pictures and shelves, etc and we will be done!

3 | Engagement Pictures- Rescheduled for tomorrow, so fingers crossed it works out!

*New Hopes & Plans*

4 | Wedding Website- We have everything in order for our wedding website, we just need to add pictures and some more information. If only we had the venue set we could be adding much more!

5 | Event Planning Website- For now we have decided to have a “Coming Soon” page until we get the photo shoots finished. The designs and first draft have been completed, now just to fix a few things and get it live!

6 | Get More Customers- I have been a Beachbody coach for 1.5 months and I would love to share my knowledge and experience with others. I am going to start a free clean eating challenge group soon, this is the most important part of getting fit! Ya know what they say, Abs are made in the kitchen!

Can’t wait to get going on this list! Cheers to another great week.



7 thoughts on “Hopes & Plans {2}

  1. I am so glad that I am over that planning stage. We didn’t get our engagement photos done til a month before our wedding and I had to edit our website the week of. Oh well, it all worked out!

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