Wedding Wednesday {I Said Yes To The Dress}

This may have been the most rewarding and busy wedding week since we got engaged! I am so happy to be marking things off of our list, and happy to say we have been sticking to our budget…for the most part.

I ordered these adorable note cards from All She Wrote Notes  and I know I will need more in a few weeks. I love them so much, and it’s so exciting to see my new last name on something! Check back later this afternoon for a discount code to get your own!
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As I mentioned in my Hopes & Plans post on Monday, I wanted to get our wedding website ready to go, and we are 99.9% done! We just have to add a few more photos. If you want to take a peak, head to mine and Dave’s blog, Fox and His Anchor,  and click “Tying The Knot” at the top. This is finished right in time for people to be receiving their Engagement Party invites!

I also sent an email out to all of my Bridesmaids to start getting a chain going for questions and plans. I am so thankful for virtual ways of communication, especially with one of my Bridesmaids being in France and another being a few hours away in Virginia. I am hoping to have a brunch after we all meet up for dress shopping so everyone can get to know each other. I am trying to avoid any awkwardness during any of the other activities.

We had our engagement pictures last night! We still plan on getting them in two more locations, but I am so happy we will at least have some pictures completed. The few I have peaked at look great and we are hopefully one step closer to Save The Dates. While we haven’t fully found out if our venue is going to work out, I am being hopeful and positive. I still haven’t been able to find anything else that I love.

On a much happier note- I found the perfect dress! I am so happy to talk about my dress shopping experiences since the perfect one has been ordered and should arrive by January! I went dress shopping 3 times, although I fell in love with one on the first day. I knew I would regret not looking at others, and I am glad I did. By looking at other dresses, I knew 120% that the dress I wanted was the one. It was such a great experience and I was really happy to have my mom, grandmother, aunt, sister and cousin with me.

The dress I chose is totally different than what I imagined wearing, and not at all what I went into the store looking for, but it is perfect. Everyone I had with me was crying which made me cry which really meant that this was the dress. It fits perfectly and I will only need minimal alterations (score!), and it also matches the veil that I fell in love with.

I can’t wait to share what my dress looks like in 297 days!

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Wedding Wednesday

10 thoughts on “Wedding Wednesday {I Said Yes To The Dress}

  1. I was with my sister when she found her wedding dress. Actually finding the dress was such a huge milestone for her.

    It sounds like you are really getting things marked off of your wedding to do list.

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